Friday, January 24

Alexandra Wallace apologizes, announces she will no longer attend UCLA

Alexandra Wallace announced she will no longer be attending UCLA in an apology letter released to the Daily Bruin on Friday.

Wallace, the creator of the “Asians in the Library” video that went viral last Sunday, released a statement through a spokesman for the Wallace family.

The letter comes the day UCLA announced that it will not take action against Wallace for the video.

Below is Wallace’s full letter:
In an attempt to produce a humorous YouTube video, I have offended the UCLA community and the entire Asian culture. I am truly sorry for the hurtful words I said and the pain it caused to anyone who watched the video. Especially in the wake of the ongoing disaster in Japan, I would do anything to take back my insensitive words. I could write apology letters all day and night, but I know they wouldn’t erase the video from your memory, nor would they act to reverse my inappropriate action.

I made a mistake. My mistake, however, has lead to the harassment of my family, the publishing of my personal information, death threats, and being ostracized from an entire community. Accordingly, for personal safety reasons, I have chosen to no longer attend classes at UCLA .

Alexandra Wallace

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  • Ray Gallego

    this is long after the fact, but i’m asian, a ucla alum (76) and found no harm in this video. actually i thought it was very funny. it’s shameful that she received death threats. freedom of speech folks.

    • zippytacos

      There’s a huge difference between “freedom of speech” and hate/fear-fueled bigotry. Anytime someone slaps the “freedom of speech” sticker on ignorance, it’s just another step in the wrong direction.

      • NCBrian

        No it isn’t. Freedom above all else.

        Do you think she learned nothing from this? She learned that freedom doesn’t mean freedom from consequences. The school didn’t even have to punisher her, she did it to herself. If the school had expelled her she would just end up being some free-speech martyr. THAT would have been a step in the wrong direction. Now she has no one to blame but herself.

        On the bright side though, now that she had to go back to living with mom and dad at least she has someone to do her laundry and cook all her meals for her

        • Tiffany Thom

          then we shouldnt worry about murders being locked up. “freedom above all else”, right? i personally wasnt even offended, i was just really pissed off with her ignorance and stupidity.

          • NCBrian

            that’s silly. you are confusing freedom and anarchy. your freedoms (or your rights) end where mine begin. obviously murder is a violation of someone’s right not to be murdered so locking up a murder is not a violation of freedom or liberty.
            surely that didn’t need to be explained to you?

          • Tiffany Thom

            idk. whatever, ignore me. im really kinda biased anyways, cus i was rewatching a reaction video i had forgotten all about. the “ching chong” thing seriously annoys me cus i used to get bullied all the time like that. anyways, forget what i said. youre probably right anayway

          • NCBrian

            i for one would rather know who the racists are, you know? let them rant.
            if they’re discriminating against an individual then maybe there’s a complaint, but just going off on this kind of nonsense? they’re only exposing their own stupidity.

          • Primus

            You’re misquoting without taking into account context. NCBrian meant Freedom above else in the context of speech.

            Nothing to do with murderers.

      • Jon Forino

        Anytime someone plays the “Hate/fear filled bigotry card” to justify public shaming and an advancement of their self-righteousness, THATS a step in wrong direction!!!!

        Her comment wasnt filled with hate or fear! And ACTUAL bigotry? Thats pretty thin.. She didnt HATE an entire race of people, she HATED her LIBRARY EXPERIENCE!! And FEAR????! … REALLY?! Yeah, she’s FILLED with FEAR!! You can spin bigotry cause that can depend on current public opinion and change anytime, but the truth is, shes probably just not very cultured, shes not a quantum physicist and it CAN be distracting with a conversation in another language taking place while you’re trying your hardest to get the information you’re receiving in english to stick!

        But its all good. Now she will always be a punchline; and if things all go as planned, maybe she’ll now never even be able to afford a ticket to Japan to broaden her own horizons. Its cool, you guys can laugh at her again as you pass over her cardboard house she made in the bushes at the end of the runway while you take off for your trip to Japan. As long we can agree: “She did it to herself,” we can all sleep good.

    • Matthew Audi Jeon

      And the death threats might be considered ok because, ya know, “freedom of speech.”

      • NCBrian

        Yeah, death threats aren’t generally protected under the first amendment.

        • westwoodwizard

          What death threats? You mean you believe her because she said so? Maybe she said it as a deflection? And if they were made, the only thing that makes them credible is they are actually carried out. And of course who says they were protected? Did she report it to law enforcement? If so, was anybody convicted? And if somebody was, irrelevant to what she said. She is a bigot. She was not just talking about library conduct…she attacked a particular group of people on many fronts….

          • NCBrian

            whoops – you had 4 years to read this closely…
            i made no comment about whether I believed her or not. The comment I was replying to was “death threats might be considered ok because…of… freedom of speech”
            whether it’s true she received them or not is immaterial. as it were, it wouldn’t surprise me either way to be honest. Communicating threats is a crime and not protected free speech. in this context, “protected” means immune from prosecution or litigation.

          • westwoodwizard

            LOL…you are correct..late to the party on your comment but not the story itself. I never addressed the issue of “protected” and immunity is the incorrect term. Whether the issue of a particular alleged “threat” is a crime or not would depend on the laws of a particular jurisdiction and whether the state or central government files a complaint (or private citizen files a civil complaint alleging some violation of a state or federal regulation). Freedom of speech could be a defense asserted in the two scenarios I mention. Obviously, the actual legal conclusion is subject to a judge or jury but saying that communicating a threat is a crime and is not protected free speech is an oversimplification. Finally, my comment was primarily directed at the typical spin is put on by people such as UCLA girl who deflect from their conduct by “deflecting” to the so-called threats. If so, contact law enforcement and let everybody know which person was convicted as a result of the so-called threats she alleges happen. Did they happen or was she “deflecting”. It is a common “deflection” for those on the defense to claim they are being harassed or threatened.

    • Jon Forino

      Good on ya mate!
      Im not australian, but apparently thats NOT racist….
      And yes I get that “Oooooohhhh, Ching Chong, Ling Long, Ting Tong…” Is NOT a general social expression in ANY Asian country…
      Anyway, glad for your post! We, as a ‘culture,’ are veering in a direction where no matter how hard or long someone has worked on the things in which they invest themselves and their assets; bullying WILL not only be tolerated, but encouraged, promoted and cheered! It will become ok to RUIN someones life, because of WORDS they may have even said in PRIVATE!!! AND, its a time in our history where NOTHING EVER GOES AWAY!!! People dont realize the horrendous things that are allowed to go on in those societies, as long as they happen over the hill and to people that dont think like the group. The battle against political correctness will need to be a truly multicultural one. If we can all just learn to laugh at ourselves… Well there’ll be a lot more laughing!!

      All that and thats how I wrap it up?! Lol peace brother

    • ventolin63

      yea…well, in your time (as in….mine 🙂 in order to shock somebody you should have a 3summ with the dean’s wife and daughter, tape it and then run to the journals, maybe they’ll publish a photo of it:) (forget video!) It was the only chance to make this go as close as possible to ….VIRAL!

      I think we can both safely agree that with today’s technology and idiotic ‘political correctness’ that characterizes our society, things go much MUCH faster to the extreme, than they used to.

      As for Alexandra Wallace, she is just some SAC (Stupid American Child) that wouldn’t get close with a 10-foot pole to the score average that Asians usually get, so she desperately wanted to break her anonymity cage by shocking every idiot in this country and, in the process, also take revenge on a bunch of people with IQs that she can only dream on having…

      Like I said, some SAC 🙂

      What I cannot understand is how come this tart made it into one of the best schools in the country? Did she slept with all the admission people,or they were simply even bigger retards than she was? That is the real question!

      • JustJenna

        She made it in to our school because she’s more than the sum of one dumb video. The assumptions and accusations you’re making about her character – and those of the admissions committee -amount to libel. And you sound even more racist than she did with your rude acronym attacking Americans. So stop trying to make SAC happen. It’s not going to happen.

        • ventolin63

          Evidence to the contrary, Jenna : she’s no longer a student at UCLA. And, by the way, are you defending a racist tart just because you share the same gender, or you actually believe that what she did was…OK? I mean, seriously, from all those wonderful feminist icons out there, this is the best you could come up with? What about Malala? I would support that girl at any moment over someone like Alexandra Wallace !

          And she wasn’t enrolled in med school or law either…she was ‘shooting’ from one of those programs that leaves you jobless and…about as stupid as you’ve been when you first applied and got accepted in it!

          I’m not trying to make SAC happen, so far people like Alexandra Wallace prove it’s existence every single day without any help from me. You want to prove me wrong? Start defending something or someone that actually worths it and then I’ll be more than happy to agree with you 🙂
          Until then, though….

          • jjdub7

            She took the momentary dignity of a crowd, so the anonymous internet lynch mob took her dreams.

            Super fair.

          • ventolin63

            Internet lynch mob? Come on, UCLA, had among his students the LaVar Ball kids who went to China and got caught shoplifting! UCLA has become a s+++hole for anyone willing to drop a quarter mil for a university degree, but they’re surely not the only ones – plenty of other universities adopted the same idiotic ‘King Student Athlete’ model and now they pay for it with their reputation. And it’s the case of Alexandra Wallace.Let’s be fair, nobody in his/her right mind would say such things when people are asking about the well-being of their families after a catastrophe – only a completely brainless, and heartless beeatch would do such a thing! And you don’t need an internet lynchmob for that…common sense would make you realize it soon enough! 🙂

          • J.L.

            You’re right, it is fair.

    • 8675309

      “Gallego”? No. You are NOT East Asian, to which this video is directed at. As a mixed-blooded mestizo with an obvious Spanish and Latin phenotype, you play the Asian card when in fact you are more at hapa-haolie or multiracial Filipino who can easily pass as Caucasian or Hispanic. Your words, sentiments and opinions, therefore are not reflective of an Asian-American experience and belie what real Asians, i.e., what full-blooded East Asian Americans experience on a daily basis. No sir, you are exempt from such experiences and are therefore are summarily disqualified from this discussion.

      • Zhi Shan

        Wow, this character likes to generalize all over the place!

    • 8675309

      Actually, you’re not Asian.

    • westwoodwizard

      Freedom of speech is a legal concept that has to do with government restrictions or lack thereof on this particular right. It has nothing to do with one or more private citizens reaction to the speech of another private citizen. How do you know she received threats…because she said so? Oldest cop out in the book. And, if she actually physically harmed..well then she needed to report that to law enforcement to investigate. Saying she was threatened and harassed is just to deflect from her own racist video.

    • Robert G. Barnwell

      She had/has freedom of speech. She wasn’t arrested and she wasn’t expelled from UCLA. But freedom of speech doesn’t equate to the freedom from the consequences of that speech. Big boy rules.

  • Scottthegreat

    I see nothing wronf making fun of the asians. After liv in WW IIing in Hawaii, for 18 years. The asians are most racists people in the world. They hate the whites.After what the Japs did to our soliders in WW II, why should care. I myself hate all asians and all Jews.

    • Antony Wu

      Wow.. remind me never run into you… ever

    • Jessica K.

      Lol wow. So something is automatically no longer wrong as long as other people also do it, is that right? If you hate Asians so much, how do Asians’ alleged behavior justify your replication of that behavior? You’re basically putting Asians and Jews down and then doing the exact thing that they (supposedly) do that you hate so much. Also, while I thoroughly condemn any attack on our domestic soil (especially ones that come before an actual declaration of war), let’s keep in mind that even though the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki came after an official war declaration, they were arguably the worst bombings in human history. So I’d say there were wrongs perpetuated by both sides in that war. And more importantly, U.S. relations with many Asian countries are pretty good now (including the Japanese despite WWII) because things change and progress happens. So yes there are racists Asians just as there are racists Caucasians and racists (insert ethnicity). And yes, we humans have done some terrible things to each other throughout history. But you, as an individual, can choose NOT to hate. And you can choose to join the those who understand that we should never forget atrocities we’ve endured and inflicted on each other but still work together to move past them.

    • Andrew Nguyen

      Dear Scottthegreat,

      My name is Andrew Nguyen from California, and I am writing to you about the comment you posted perpetuating racism and stereotypes.

      According to your comment, you said, “I see nothing wronf making fun of asians,” stating, “The asians are most racists people in the world,” Aside from grammar and spelling mistakes, your argument proves no substance. For instance, by saying Asians are the most racist people in the world, you are categorizing every single Asian on the planet into a stereotype as racists. Every Asian, such as the Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian, Taiwanese, Armenian, Korean, Iraqi, Iranian, and Laotian ethnic individual scattered across the world is stereotyped into the notion of being racist. Although there may be some racist individuals that you have encountered, but to make an assumption that all Asians are racists is just incorrect and mean. Therefore, the consequences of your stereotyping oppress innocent Asians you stereotyped, which can cause lingering negative effects upon their lives.

      There is no reason to resort to such hatred to Asians and Jews. We live in a new age of open-mindedness and I suggest you tag along. However, I do suggest a resolution to your hatred of Asians by stepping into their shoes. Try and interact with Asians and Jews. The world is full of nice people with the occasional jerk who gets publicity, which perpetuates a stereotype of an entire peoples. For instance, Timothy Kurek, a straight Christian man, “came out of the closet” for a year as a social experiment. After his “coming out”, 95% of his friends stopped talking to him. Post-experiment, Kurek had a new open-mind for gay people. I suggest you try something similar to get past your agressions with Asians and Jews also.

      Thank you for taking the time to read this. I do hope that you can take this information in personally. Asians and Jews are people too, just like you.

      Andrew Nguyen

    • SS

      If you idiot hate Asian that much, don’t ever eat Asian food. Don’t buy Japanese cars or use Korean phones. Beyond that, i believe you have to quit using “Made in China” stuff (even-though it seems impossible).

      • ventolin63

        You are aware of the fact that their life would completely shut down if they would do only 10% of what you said, right? 🙂 Still, you made a valid point there!

    • Looj Xeem Hmoob Tsab

      Dang, you have lived the life of a colored male in America and you still don’t get the point.

      Of course they will have a chip on their shoulders about whites because whites have been trying to take over their land/women/possessions for centuries. White ppl have been racist towards me but I don’t hate them.

      But it’s okay for you to hate all Asians and Jews because we don’t have to like you back… Peace.

    • LoStranger

      Asians are very racist I agree but the White Caucasian male is the most racist thing on the planet!

    • anon

      People like you are what is wrong with this world. Get your head out of your ass you racist bigoted inbred.

    • anon

      you HAVE to be trolling theres no way someone can be THIS stupid and ignorant

  • Elizabeth

    Good riddance.

  • Elizabeth

    Now Dan Guerrero can follow suit and leave town.

  • Notsaying

    i hated her in the video now i think shes ok

  • James Rhee

    Asians would give their life savings just to talk to a dime blonde. I’m just saying when was the last time you saw a tall blonde with an Asian dude. Never, right? Well, shes def trash but has a point.
    I’m Asian so draw your own conclusions. Some people need to be more considerate.

    She’s def not a dime I’m just saying.

    • anon

      what even is a dime blonde.

    • ThinkFreer

      No, I find them all ugly. No offence, but you asked for it.

  • Looj Xeem Hmoob Tsab

    I’m Asian and I say don’t send her death threats y’all. What difference are you making?

    And if it’s freedom of speech then go make a video about White ppl in the cafeteria. There is waaaaay more material there.

    • 8675309

      That profile picture of Mickey Rooney as the Asian-caricatured yellow-face “Mr. Yunioshi” from the infamous “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” notwithstanding — which instantly belies your identification as an “Asian” as no self-respecting Asian person would choose such a racist image for a public profile — along with your fakeity-fake shaka-zulu-inspired, xenophobe name that doesn’t fit any ethnic group ir racial group on this planet is proof positive you are NOT Asian and are in fact trolling this thread. Dollar to donuts you’re just another inbred, white trailer-trash redneck yokel who lacks the breeding, education and good sense to contribute an intelligent comment to this discussion.

  • Raiden Kyohaku

    Am just a kid, i watch anime alot, but was what happened to her fair? i mean, i agree that she might have offended some people but that’s all that happened, aren’t the consequences of her actions unfair?
    She got cyber bullied, death threat and left a school that would have opened alot of opportunities in her life and given her a chance to grow…all because she said asians are annoying?
    AGAIN: Am not justifying what she did, am just wondering if the punishment she got was fair or not…