Friday, September 21

Submissions and Letters to the Editor

There are two basic formats for writing into Opinion: submissions and letters.

  • A submission can be about a topic of your choice and should be about 400-800 words. They are usually framed as an argument and present a call to action.
  • A letter to the editor should be 250 words or less, and addresses issues that have already been brought up in the Daily Bruin.

Submitted content should be timely, well-written and specifically relevant to the UCLA community. An author affiliated with UCLA is preferred. No member of the Daily Bruin staff may write a submission. Final publishing decisions are at the discretion of the Opinion editors.

For all pieces, please include supporting materials for any facts you cite that are not common knowledge – preferably as links to reputable websites. Also include your full name, year, major and phone number. If you are not a student, please include your full name and your affiliation with UCLA. The Opinion editors reserve the right in all cases to edit pieces for length and clarity in the same way they do with regular Opinion columnists, including multiple rounds of edits and revisions to address issues within the piece. We do not accept anonymous submissions, nor do we re-publish pieces from other publications.

The Daily Bruin’s copy editors review and fact check each submission, and may make minor writing changes to reflect AP style.

You can email all opinion pieces for consideration by the Opinion editors to [email protected] The Daily Bruin never guarantees the placement or publication of submitted content.

These guidelines were taken from the Daily Bruin’s 2016-2017 Community Guide.