Monday, October 21

Becoming a college bathroom hairstylist


This video was originally published Oct. 15 at 6:18 p.m. but was updated Oct. 19 at 2:36 p.m.

Anna Tsai is a second-year physics student who has cut hair since she was a teenager. Follow her in this interview to see how she has developed her passion through her college business, and to see an up-close look at how her appointments work.


“Hangover Helper:” Chili Cheese Toast

Daily Bruin’s Music | fine arts editor Brooke Cuzick makes chili cheese toast designed to help cure hangovers inspired by a recipe in Lauren Shockey’s new cookbook, “Hangover Helper.” Disclaimer: Certain details from the original recipe in Shockey’s cookbook were altered for convenience purposes. More »

Guess My UCLA Stereotype

Can you guess another student’s favorite dining hall banana just by talking to them? Watch Daily Bruin Video put that and other UCLA generalizations to the test, if you’re peeling lucky. More »

A Taste of Westwood

Westwood is home to many college students looking for the best nearby places to eat. Instead of just stopping by well-known haunts like In-N-Out Burger and Diddy Riese, we tried several other food places you might not have heard of and give our opinion on whether they’re worth trying. More »

Westwood’s Barbershop: Oakley’s

Not many people can say they’ve worked with John Wooden, Reggie Miller, Troy Aikman and Chip Kelly. In his decades working at Oakley’s Barber Shop, Adalberto “Albert” Duran can say he has. More »

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