Tuesday, October 17

Dance Break: Bruin Bhangra

The third installment of Dance Break features Bruin Bhangra, a UCLA dance team that focuses on Punjabi dance. Simran Kang, a dance captain of Bruin Bhangra, teaches several dance moves including the Punjab and fast jhummar.

UCLA engineers create tiny air conditioning device

Engineers from UCLA’s materials science and engineering department have created a device that could spark a revolution in compact cooling. The device makes use of electrocaloric effects and a special polymer actuated by the electrostatic process in order to rapidly cool targeted areas. More »

Video: Banana Riebublic

Banana Riebublic, a student-run organization founded by Brandon Dashtizad and Graham Farrell, delivers bananas inscribed with messages to students who live on the Hill. More »

Video: Dance Break: Koreos

UCLA’s K-pop dance team Koreos director Jessica Dang breaks down the choreography of K-pop singer Chung Ha’s song, “Why Don’t You Know.” Dang and other Koreos members taught this piece during an audition dance workshop in October. More »

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