The coronavirus pandemic has drastically upended life in the most unforeseeable of ways. At UCLA, our community is remarkably united by similar feelings of loss, confusion and concern, but also by light, hope and perspective that the pandemic has brought to the forefront. In “Columns From Quarantine,” Daily Bruin staffers and community submissions highlight the personal stories that mark this unprecedented moment. If you have a quarantine story to tell, you can submit it here or email [email protected].

Columns From Quarantine: Despite physical distance, I hope these shared narratives have championed unity
By EJ Panaligan
Columns from Quarantine: Living with diabetes makes isolation complicated, sparks feelings of frustration
By Sophia Kloster
Columns From Quarantine: Reimagining a final quarter dedicated to helping those with leukemia, lymphoma
By Abraham Chorbajian
Columns From Quarantine: Seeking silver linings while unable to return home because of travel restrictions
By Ananya Shankar
Columns From Quarantine: The pandemic isn’t an outlying disaster – it’s a warning of an inevitable future
By Payton Kammerer
Columns From Quarantine: The difficulties of long distance when an end to stay-at-home orders is uncertain
By Samantha Dorfan
Columns From Quarantine: With four-year timeline gone, maybe a shortened college experience can be enough
By Rachel Sarrafzadeh
Columns From Quarantine: Maintaining mental health in quarantine, reflecting moods in tunes
By Isabel Weinerth
Columns from Quarantine: Model UN was a path to finding herself, COVID-19 proved to be ultimate roadblock
By Rachel Durose
Columns from Quarantine: The stresses and strain of virtual socialization during the pandemic
By Karina Seth
Columns from Quarantine: Divorce usually means separation, but not when neither parent can leave the house
By Molly Wright
Columns From Quarantine: Finding peace and reconnecting with faith through running, time away from school
By Samuel In
Columns From Quarantine: Strength, resilience are key to navigating post-pandemic world as an Asian American
By Elaine Chen
Columns From Quarantine: Gene Block navigates small joys, pressing challenges as a chancellor in isolation
By Gene Block
Columns From Quarantine: A hectic international trip back home in search of safety and comfort
By Sameera Pant
Columns from Quarantine: Everyday memories loom largest for seniors who didn’t get a goodbye
By Vito Emanuel
Columns From Quarantine: The hardships and heartache of love under lockdown
By Cecile Wu
Columns From Quarantine: A remote journey to lead a dispersed staff as editor in chief
By Melissa Morris
Columns From Quarantine: The painful reality of losing a loved one to the coronavirus
By Paige Hua