Sunday, June 16

UCLA Boxing champion discusses preparation and victory

Second-year economics student Chloe Beverina explains how she became involved in boxing and how she came to win the NCBA Championship this spring.

UCLA Take A Drag Show 2019 Snapshot

The annual Take A Drag show is hosted by the UCLA LGBT Campus Resource Center. This year, there were several student performers, as well as an appearance from RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10 contestant, The Vixen! More »

Bruin Day 2019: It takes a village

These are some UCLA admits who visited during Bruin Day 2019. Their message: They all got to where they want to go because of the people in their lives that choose to be there for them. More »

Road to Spring Sing: Nina Marie

With the prestigious Spring Sing 2019 around the corner, the Daily Bruin gets an exclusive look into Nina Marie’s creative process and how she preps for her first Spring Sing performance. More »

Road to Spring Sing: Sanjana Deshmukh

With the prestigious UCLA Spring Sing 2019 around the corner, Daily Bruin Video gets an exclusive look at Sanjana Deshmukh and her bandmates’ rehearsals to witness what it takes to prepare for one of UCLA’s biggest stages. More »

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