Wednesday, April 26

Students relate experiences of guiding campus tours

Students speak about what inspired them to join the campus tours program. With prospective students and curious parents coming to visit UCLA, the tour guides share unusual questions they have been asked on the job.

Black History at UCLA: ‘Bunchy’ Carter and the Black Panthers

In honor of Black History Month, Daily Bruin Video is exploring UCLA’s own history, along with its famous African American alumni. Alprentice “Bunchy” Carter was a community leader and radical activist whose legacy – alongside his friend and colleague, John Huggins – is commemorated every year in Campbell Hall by the Afrikan Student Union. More »

UCLA alum brings ‘Moana’ ocean to life

Holding a Ph.D. in mathematics from UCLA, Alexey Stomakhin now spends his days working at Walt Disney Animation Studios as a senior software engineer. His research helped bring to life the water from this year’s Oscar-nominated animation feature “Moana”. More »

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