Thursday, July 27

Video: Baking bread with Zach Martinucci

Zach Martinucci, a fourth-year anthropology and Italian student, bakes sourdough bread in his apartment each week. He puts a twist on classic sourdough bread by inventing new flavors based on his friends’ personalities. Martinucci started baking bread in January after working at his relative’s bakery in San Francisco during winter break.

Tea Tunes: Ceara Cavalieri

Ceara Cavalieri, a third-year psychology student, has been singing since she was three years old. Watch as she performs a cover of the song “Bad Intentions” by Niykee Heaton. More »

Cents of Style: American Rebel

Daily Bruin Video follows A&E reporter Linda Xu as she takes a look into the American Rebel shopping experience. Located on Melrose Avenue, American Rebel is a thrift store specializing in vintage and leather goods. More »