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Congressman-elect Ted Lieu made a speech to his supporters in his election watching party Tuesday night. (Daniel Alcazar/Daily Bruin)

Gov. Jerry Brown has won his fourth term as California governor, according to the Associated Press. As of 12:40 a.m., with about 72 percent of precincts reporting, Brown had 58 percent of the vote compared to Neel Kashkari’s 42 percent. However, the Associated Press called the race early because of exit poll results. More »


SAN DIEGO — The UCLA cadets went to sleep at 9 p.m. and woke up three hours before sunrise. By 2 p.m. they had sprinted, jogged, climbed and hauled equipment for more than eight miles up and down steep brush- and dirt-covered terrain, most of it while carrying more than 45 pounds of military gear, including rubber ducks, or replica rifles. More »

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