Tuesday, April 23

No Offense, But: The college admissions scandal(s)

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“No Offense, But” is back for the quarter. Join Opinion editor Keshav Tadimeti and columnists Reilly Berberian and Abhishek Shetty as they break down both the college admissions scandals in which UCLA has been implicated.

In the Know: The “gravely disabled”

Transcript Keshav Tadimeti: From the Daily Bruin, I’m Keshav Tadimeti, and this is “In the Know.” [music plays] This time on the podcast, we revisit a moving story from fall quarter: a piece about Westwood’s homeless population – specifically those who need medical help but don’t want it. More »

No Offense, But: Conferences and cop scooters

“No Offense, But” is back in your podcast feeds for the year! Join Opinion editor Keshav Tadimeti and Opinion columnists Abhishek Shetty and Chris Busco as they examine the biggest events of the midquarter: the annual National Students for Justice in Pales- tine conference and a viral video of UCPD face-planting from its scooters. More »

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