Friday, November 22

In the Know: Money Talks, NCAA Walks

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Paying student athletes? The issue has become very real as a result of a newly passed California law – Senate Bill 206. This week on “In the Know,” producer Omar Said talks to Sports editor Sam Connon about why this law came about, what it means for athletes and how it will affect the future of collegiate athletics.

No Offense, But: Admissions and administrators

“No Offense, But” is back for the final podcast of the year. Join outgoing Opinion editor Keshav Tadimeti, outgoing assistant Opinion editor Ani Gasparyan and columnist Enming Zhang talk about UCLA’s plan to reduce enrollment rates and grow summer classes. More »

No Offense, But: Fees and football

“No Offense, But” is back for the penultimate podcast of the year. Join Opinion editor Keshav Tadimeti and columnists Andrew Raychawdhuri and Reilly Berberian as they talk about the potentially egregious misuse of student fees by UCLA. More »

In the Know: Quarters, dimes and semesters

Quarters or semesters? The age-old debate has once again made its way on campus, this time thanks to Chancellor Gene Block. This week on “In the Know,” assistant Opinion editor Omar Said talks to Opinion editor Keshav Tadimeti about why this year’s iteration of the debate came about, and what it tells us about Block, UCLA and the future of education in Los Angeles. More »

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