Jueves Jarocho is a collection of musicians from a variety of backgrounds who gather to create music together. The group plays son jarocho music, a form of traditional Mexican music, and accompanies a percussive dance class here on campus. More »

Long Story Short – April 14, 2014 "Long Story Short – April 14, 2014"

Daily Bruin news contributor Amanda Schallert talk about the possibility of having a transfer representative on USAC with fourth-year sociology student Randall Call, fourth-year political science student Nicole Fossi, and third-year political science student Alyssa Nunez, while and Janet Nguyen discusses the heavily contested elections this year, where four slates are running candidates. More »


Whether’s it’s worry about relationships, academics or finances, stress is something we encounter every day as college students. However, how do we know that stress is adversely affecting our health, and when How can we distinguish legitimate fatigue from just a lack of sleep. More »

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