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Thomas Pynchon, the notoriously reclusive writer of such postmodern classics as “The Crying of Lot 49” and “Gravity’s Rainbow,” has built a career off novels deemed too dense, idiosyncratic and cerebral to ever be translated to the screen effectively. More »

Jason Rosen (left) and UCLA alumna Gabrielle Wortman (right) comprise the band Smoke Season. Having played twice at Spring Sing, Wortman said her performances at UCLA prepared her for her musical career.
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Three and a half years ago Gabrielle Wortman stood on a stage at the Los Angeles Tennis Center and performed for a crowd of thousands at UCLA's annual Spring Sing. At the time she was a music media and management student at UCLA. Now she, along with her new band Smoke Season, is traveling in a tour van on an seven-city tour up the West Coast. More »

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