Sunday, September 15

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Submission: Voting is the best way to ensure lawmakers listen to student demands

Nov. 8, 2016 is on track to be a historic day for Californians, and Donald Trump has nothing to do with it. This year, California voters will have the chance to decide on 17 state ballot measures that have the ability to legalize recreational marijuana, reduce prescription drug prices, require background checks on ammunition sales, ban the death penalty and more. Read more...

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Submission: UC students should collaborate to tackle middle-income struggles

When Danny McElaney checked his BruinBill last year and saw that he had received $140 though California’s Middle Class Scholarship, he laughed. McElaney, a second-year economics student, has one working parent who makes too much to qualify for financial aid through the University of California, but far too little to cover the costs of education for Danny and his two siblings. Read more...