Elijah Wood performs the role of Frank in his new horror film “Maniac.”

Watching “Maniac” feels like a descent into psychosis. In this fresh remake of William Lustig’s 1980s horror cult classic “Maniac,” director Franck Khalfoun revives the slasher genre with point-of-view filming and a new take on the killer profile. More »

UCLA alumna and professor Nancy Richardson has worked on 29 films including “Twilight” and “The Vow.”

As a kid, Nancy Richardson would use a bag of ice to cool off her television before her strict, anti-TV mother could check and feel the warm screen. Only once, when Richardson was home sick, the pair watched “Citizen Kane,” and Richardson knew she wanted to work in film. More »

Melnitz Movies will screen UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television alumna Olivia Silver’s first feature film “Arcadia” Friday.

As UCLA professor A.P. Gonzales asked his students to write down their earliest memories, Olivia Silver took paper to pen and relived the moment of shock she felt upon arriving at her new home in the San Gabriel Valley after driving cross-country from Connecticut. For Silver, this would be the first step in creating her first feature film, “Arcadia.” More »

Second-year linguistics and psychology student Mariam Janvelyan and third-year linguistics student Anna Erives sign “comedy show” in preparation for CJ Jones’ comedy show tonight.

As audience members wave their hands in appreciation, fingers spread next to their faces, they enter a different world where applause is silent. More and more the deaf community is breaking into popular media through popular shows like “Switched at Birth” and well-known deaf performers, challenging the perceived stigma associated with deafness. More »

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