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Gov. Jerry Brown signed California’s multi-billion dollar budget Thursday, which includes increased funding for the University of California and a new statewide scholarship program for middle-class students. More »

Francisco Lopez, a third-year Chicana/o studies student, works two jobs to support himself and his 7-year-old son, Mordecai.

He was 16 years old and needed a job with more structure. But he didn’t have the required identification papers as an undocumented resident. So he turned to identification dealers, who drove him around Santa Ana, Calif. and gave him specific instructions to jump into a different car when they parked. They told him he was going be taken care of. More »

Starting next year, students applying for federal student aid must provide financial information about unmarried or same-sex parents who live together – a move officials say is likely to decrease the amount of aid awarded to them. More »

Yuletpsi Barreto, along with many students who shop online, relies on convenient Internet discounts to buy electronics, textbooks and other college necessities. But a new proposal in Congress aims to even out the competition between local and online retailers. More »

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