Tuesday, October 15

Submission: SJP condemns Daily Bruin editorial cartoon

It has come to the attention of Students for Justice in Palestine that the Daily Bruin published a political cartoon that conveyed anti-Semitic tropes in a portrayal of the current Israeli prime minister.

We first and foremost ask the Daily Bruin to clarify that the illustrator of the cartoon has no affiliation with SJP.

Although SJP has repeatedly condemned the policy of the Israeli government with regards to its oppression of Palestinians, it is not and has never been our intention to demonize the Jewish community.

We recognize that caricatures of Jewish politicians and businessmen have been historically employed to emphasize Jews’ ethnic differences and imply their duplicity, and that this cartoon has made some Jewish students feel unwelcome and unsafe.

Students for Justice in Palestine condemns the publication of this cartoon, as we condemn all efforts to perpetuate stereotypes about any racial, ethnic or religious group. We oppose all forms of bigotry and work to promote a world that respects the rights and dignities of all people.

Schmitt, Gardner, Mansour, Kureh and Kuria are members of Students for Justice in Palestine board.

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  • Falcon22

    “We first and foremost ask the Daily Bruin to clarify that the illustrator of the cartoon has no affiliation with SJP.”

    Nice try, however look at the bottom of this article written by Abejón (the cartoonist): http://dailybruin.com/2015/11/25/submission-offensive-posters-resort-to-fear-mongering-do-not-reflect-sjps-mission/

    “Abejón is a first-year political science student and the Students for Justice in Palestine education and resources director. Tahir is a UCLA alumna and former SJP education and resources director.”

    • robman012

      This is false. He has no affiliation with SJP. He is a former Board member that was not chosen to return to SJP this academic year. I know that you wish to score cheap political points, but try to keep your comments factual.

      • Mr J

        Hate to tell you, Robman012, but being the former education and resources director of a group does constitute an affiliation. He may no longer be OFFICIALLY affiliated, but he’s certainly affiliated.

      • ModernMaccabi

        Can you provide some context for why he “was not chosen to return to SJP this academic year”? Those details might help clarify his affiliation.

        • Davey Wavey

          What’s your “affiliation?” Are you connected with a synagogue which flies the Magen David flag of the state of Israel?? A flag that represents ethnic racist principles as surely as the “Star and Bars” did in another time. Is this your affiliation? Do you “affiliate” with a state in which ethnicity defines one’s fate? Do you affiliate with this racism? Or with Israel directly, the state which murdered 531 children in August 2014. On the basis of proportionality, the Zionists are as murderous as their arch National Socialist enemy.

          • ModernMaccabi

            I have no official “affiliation” with a synagogue, church, mosque, state of Israel or any other state for that matter. I speak for myself from my personal history and the facts I’ve learned along the way. And to correct your post and set the record straight, Israel did not “murder” 531 children during the 2014 WAR in Gaza. Murder requires intent and the only thing Israel was intending to do was defend itself from acts of war and violence from Hamas, the elected government of Gaza. If any group is responsible for those deaths it is Hamas. With regard to your rambling on about “ethnicity,” why don’t you ask yourself about the dozens of Arab and Islamic based countries (represented by the Crescent moon and other Islamic symbols) that have far few rights for its minority populations than Israel. Finally, comparing Zionists to Nazis is the cheapest and morally corrupt thing a coward like you can do. Far fewer people have been killed in the 100+ years since Zionism has re-established the Jewish homeland in the land of Israel than have perished in a few short years just next door in Syria, let alone at the hands of the Nazis. You are a pathetic little hypocrite who likes to peddle lies, propaganda and hate, to say the least.

          • Davey Wavey

            It is standard psychopathology to “blame the victim”…e.g. “She made me do it” or “She wanted it” or “it’s all their fault”. In the current instance, it all the fault of Hamas that 531 children died to Israel’s “defense” of their homeland”. I have do doubt you think that Israel was “defending” itself in 1967 and just happened to end up with the WB, Gaza, Golan and Sinai. Am I right? Poor poor Israel always threatened, always on guard, in their homeland.

            First, Hamas rockets rarely even injure anyone as they are small and some are homemade. It is not the purpose of the rockets to hurt anyone, they are intended as a reminder. It is “homeland” that is disputed. 67% of Gazans are either direct refugees from what is now the south of Israel or descendants of such refugees. They refuse to forget how they were rousted from their homes and villages, in some cases massacred (to send a message), their livelihoods, their personal property, their bank accounts, their inventories, cultural centers etc. was heisted by an army of immigrants from elsewhere. Three generations now and they do not forget. So, these immigrants took over the homes, demolished others, and leveled villages, hiding them under EVERGREEN

      • garyfouse

        When did he leave SJP yesterday after the sh– hit the fan? Why would a guy with these sentiments be in the SJP to begin with?

  • ThisIsPalestine
  • Brownstudent

    Yeah Daily Bruin, stop making Jewish UCLA students feel unsafe!

    That’s SJP’s job!

  • BruinAlum

    Thank you SJP for demonstrating what civil political discourse looks like. We may disagree (and I do disagree with SJP), but name-calling, demonizing, stereotyping and the like simply degrade any opportunity for meaningful communication and dialogue. Supporting the humanity of those we disagree with is a lesson for us all.

  • Robert Ostrove

    On this date in 1989, Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini called on Muslims to kill Salman Rushdie, author of “The Satanic Verses,” condemned by Khomeni as blasphemous.

  • Edward Devotion

    Faux condemnation, and most everyone knows it.

  • wolflen

    very interesting “apology”..
    ahhh yes..Germany 1934…from the management of Dachau: We apologize for the yelling and screaming and the unpleasant odors that some of you have experienced. We are working on fixing the problem as soon as possible”..Please visit our office if you have any further comments..
    for some this would be a reasonable apology..what say you Mr. Gardner..?

  • Davey Wavey

    You people are absurd. This was a legitimate political cartoon contrasting the high moral standing which Israel touts with the actual behavior of the state, which does indeed steal land. All but 6% of mandate Palestine is stolen property. Bruin doesn’t owe anyone an apology. Israel needs to start making apologies to the people in whose homes they placed immigrants, to the people who thrived in villages, leveled by Israel and hidden, to the parents of children arrested in the middle of the night, to the parents (if any) of the 531 Palestinian children killed by Israel in August 2014. etc. The list is long, so better get on with it now.

  • Davey Wavey

    Real racism is rampant in the world, so why do we have to spend so much time and energy on little misdemeanors of framing, if even that, when Palestinians are incarcerated, tortured, killed, their homes leveled, their children as young as five arrested by the brave IDF. Palestinians cannot return to Israel and to recover their property heisted decades ago precisely because of their ethnicity. Isn’t that right? After all, if they were Jewish, ..no problem. How’s about the racism in every police department in the US, a racism that ends with untimely and unnecessary deaths of black males in the US. The thin-skinned Jews, however, hog the limelight and make it appear that a simple word, or drawing, whatever is equivalent to boots tramping on the roofs, equivalent in its intensity to the Palestinians shot in the back by brave IDF, or in the head by brave IDF. If we are going to do “racism”, get the priorities straight. Make a hoopla when another black teen is murdered by a nervous white policeman. Or make it, when the homes of people of the wrong ethnicity are demolished. Or make it about the 7000 native Palestinians (wrong ethnicity) held in jails of the Jewish supremacist state. Get a little proportion in the discussion. It’s this simple: Jews are not oppressed and murdered anywhere on the planet. The same cannot be said for blacks or Arabs, or any people of color. It is a Jewish fantasy that Jews are oppressed, that they are victims. They are not.