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Dinesh D’Souza discusses Democratic faults at Bruin Republicans event

Conservative writer Dinesh D'Souza spoke at a Bruin Republicans event Thursday and described what he called the political left's misrepresentation of history. (Ken Shin/Daily Bruin)

Conservative writer Dinesh D'Souza spoke at a Bruin Republicans event Thursday and described what he called the political left's misrepresentation of history. (Ken Shin/Daily Bruin)

A conservative filmmaker and author compared a United States governed by Democratic lawmakers to an “urban plantation” at an event hosted by Bruin Republicans on Thursday.

“The Democratic Party perpetuates the urban plantation of America – dilapidated homes, broken families, violence and meager provisions of living where no one got ahead that were characteristics of the old slave plantations,” said event speaker Dinesh D’Souza.

More than 100 people attended the event which was part of the”Dinesh D’Souza Unchained Tour.” In his presentation, D’Souza shared his thoughts on the political and identity issues the Republican party faces.

“We think, as a club, that D’Souza is extremely respectable as a speaker and scholar and knows a lot,” said Julia Nista, Bruin Republicans internal vice president and a fourth-year political science student. “He comes from the private sector, so he knows what life is like as a private citizen. He’s an immigrant, and he’s done a lot of work in the political realm,” Nista said.

Nista added she thinks the event was good for college students because, as a filmmaker, D’Souza is an engaging and interesting speaker.

D’Souza also spoke about the need to expand the scope of conservative media, the Democratic Party’s misrepresentation of history and the corruption of former president Bill Clinton and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“(Democrats) dominate politics, Hollywood and media,”D’Souza said. “You’re extremely powerful if you control all three, resulting in this ricocheting effect. Because progressives dominate the ‘megaphones,’ they get to spin the story.”

D’Souza added he thinks the left is responsible for blocking legislature that would lead to women’s suffrage and civil rights, and prolonging slavery in America. One hundred years later, the Democratic Party principles are still the same, he said.

“The Democratic party blocked (women’s suffrage) in Congress. Women’s suffrage was delivered entirely by the Republican Party,” D’Souza said.

Leo Yang, a third-year communication studies student said D’Souza answered many of his questions during his speech.

Yang said he liked what D’Souza had to say, but wished he would more equally cover the faults of both parties.

“I wish he would not elevate the Republican Party to a pedestal,” Yang said.

Yang said he watched D’Souza’s most recent film at another Bruin Republicans event Tuesday. Yang is a registered Libertarian, but plans to vote for Trump on Election Day after the film affirmed his beliefs about the Republican Party.

Alec Kellzi, a second-year business economics student, said he agrees with D’Souza’s claim that the mainstream media overwhelmingly ignores conservative views in the news.

“I hate the double standards of the Democratic Party and the hypocrisy,” Kellzi said.

D’Souza said despite Trump’s flaws as the Republican candidate for president, he is the superior alternative to Hillary Clinton.

“He’s said some stupid stuff, but he hasn’t ripped off the treasury or public trust,” D’Souza said. “Let’s remember there’s a difference between the public and private sphere.”

D’Souza ended his discussion by taking questions from the audience and signing copies of his latest book.

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