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Throwback Thursday: Parking, the never-ending issue in Westwood

Timed parking zones became another fact of life in Westwood Village in the mid '80s. (Daily Bruin archives)

Timed parking zones became another fact of life in Westwood Village in the mid '80s. (Daily Bruin archives)

Bruins have been looking for open parking spots for what seems like years. And everyday is a mark in history – literally.

Bruins drive around entire residential blocks over and over wishing they had gotten to Westwood earlier for a more successful trip. But even if they were able to travel back in time up to 30 years, they’d still have trouble finding a spot.

The Daily Bruin reported new parking restriction signs in the Westwood area in an article back in October 1986, fostering a competitive environment off the UCLA campus and academic arena.

signs, most of which are still up today alongside newly posted street
parking signs, had students “feeling the heat” beyond the summer
vacation and into fall quarter.

Laurie Van Dyke, a UCLA economics student in 1986, racked up a $310 tab – in 1986 money – in parking ticket fees for not correctly following parking regulations, some of which required various parking specifications varying up to three times.

Today, Westwood’s residents and visitors follow similar, if not the
same, signs put up 30 years ago. Currently, parking on campus costs
$12 all day, or $6 for students in the Bruin Commuter Club program.

Wilemon, also an economics major in ’86, also earned three tickets in
the span of three months: “I understand the residents’ point where they
don’t want everyone’s cars inconveniencing them, but the students have a
need also to park at least within walking distance,” Wilemon said.

students were Westwood residents while attending UCLA in the 1986-1987
school year, and were urged by an apartment manager to petition the
signs and present residential signatures at a public hearing by LA City Council’s Transportation and Traffic Committee, but the signs still
stand tall today.

“I’ve told the kids to write to their councilman,” said Fay Roberts, an employee for Moss and Company in 1986.

campus right now and always, UCLA Parking Enforcement regulates
violations with $65 tickets and appeals are offered in person at the
Citation Review Office in the Strathmore Building, or online.

Though not much has changed in terms of parking, Westwood’s residential area has grown and developed, offering room for more paring spots in new apartment units. And with the help of the internet, many students can find parking spaces from students living off-campus.

Now to find a seat in class.

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Jasmine Aquino was an assistant Opinion editor in the 2016-2017 year. Previously, she was an Opinion and News contributor.

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