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Former GSA president to leave UCLA, finish law school at NYU

Milan Chatterjee, former president of the Graduate Students Association, will leave UCLA and finish his last year of law school at New York University as a "visiting student." (Daily Bruin file photo)

Milan Chatterjee, former president of the Graduate Students Association, will leave UCLA and finish his last year of law school at New York University as a "visiting student." (Daily Bruin file photo)

This post was updated September 1, 1:33 p.m.

Former Graduate Students Association president Milan Chatterjee announced he will leave UCLA for his last year of law school.

In a letter dated Aug. 24 and addressed to Chancellor Gene Block, Chatterjee claimed to have been bullied and harassed by members of the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. Pro-BDS and pro-Palestine groups criticized him last October because he threatened to rescind funding from a Diversity Caucus event if the caucus took a position on BDS.

Some pro-Palestine groups, including Students for Justice in Palestine at UCLA, alleged Chatterjee’s actions violated viewpoint neutrality, as required by University of California policy.

University policy requires financial allocations to be made without regard to the viewpoint of any registered campus organizations. It also requires student governments to follow viewpoint-neutral criteria when reallocating mandatory campus-based student fees.

The Discrimination Prevention Office concluded after a three-month investigation that Chatterjee had violated viewpoint neutrality. The DPO is a team within the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion that investigates claims of discrimination by faculty members and other campus entities.

Chatterjee disagreed with the findings of the report in his letter, calling it an attempt by UCLA to blame him for its failing to uphold UC policy.

“This report was an attempt by (Block’s) administration to publicly scapegoat me for their systematic failure to adopt University of California policies and provide the necessary guidance to me and other student organizations when we approached them for help,” Chatterjee wrote.

UCLA spokesperson Ricardo Vazquez said in a statement that UCLA stands by the DPO’s investigation of Chatterjee.

“The university’s investigation included interviews as well as careful reviews of meeting minutes and related documents, email correspondence and applicable university regulations,” Vazquez said. “All parties were given the opportunity to provide evidence and no evidence offered by the parties was excluded.”

Vazquez added while UCLA does not support divestment from Israel, it recognizes the right of students to hold such opinions.

“(UCLA) remains proud of its numerous academic and cultural relationships with Israeli institutions. Supporters and opponents of divestment remain free to advocate for their position as long as their conduct does not violate university policies,” Vazquez said.

Vazquez also said the investigation only determined whether Chatterjee violated viewpoint neutrality, not if he did so knowingly or purposefully.

Chatterjee said in his letter he plans to finish his last year of law school at New York University while still receiving a UCLA degree. He declined to comment further about it.


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  • Ari

    You are disgusting people and lack any kind of integrity. You are as bad as the altright. Shame on you.

  • michelelabella

    big surprise that SJP bullies people into submission… guess you can’t have an opinion here in the USA and certainly not on UCLA campus. all the SJP and the Palestinians have to fight their bogus cause is hate, violence and killing. herein lies another example.

    • OhioAhmad

      And the Pro-Israel group students act like children begging their off-campus handlers how to help them defend apartheid and ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

      This is college not kindergarten and Palestinians and their solidarity groups have a right to be heard free from Israeli apartheid intimidation; as was the case with this GSA President illegally withholding funds for the Palestinian groups

      • Rob Green

        Funds were NOT illegally withheld from Palestinian hate groups who have no place on campus.

        • michelelabella

          OhioAhmad… another israel hating troll.

        • OhioAhmad

          Jim Crow segregation in Israel.

          Apartheid bantustans in The West Bank

          Gaza is under an illegal siege.

          Refugees are denied their rights

          What part of Israel is a racist, apartheid, war-mongering land thieving liar of a petty place do you not understand.

          By your reasoning the holocaust didn’t happen because world Jewry has increased since then. How could that be? I guess there was no holocaust too. Just because the overall Palestinian population has increased doesn’t mean an ethnic cleansing isn’t going on.

          Hasbara Math makes no sense .
          Free Palestine

          • roccolore

            Muslim fascists like you are the thieves and liars who bomb nightclubs and kill over cartoons.

          • BruceD13

            Gaza is under occupation by the Hamas oppressors and their running dogs.

      • michelelabella

        SJP is funded and organized by the AMP and the muslim brotherhood, a racist muslim supremacist terrorist organization which believes that Islam must “impose its law on all nations.” so please…

        • OhioAhmad

          The SJP is by students and for students and gets no funds from AMP.

          SJP has never committed violence.
          Unlike the Jewish Defense Leagur which is outlawed in the US as a terror group.

          You can be a Kehanist terror sympathizer somewhere else but SJP hs every right to speak for the Palestinians and their right to live in peace in their homelands.
          Free Palestine
          End the Occupation

          • roccolore

            Muslim fascist, the SJP has physically assaulted Jewish students.

          • BruceD13

            Free Palestine? Free it from Hamas and Al Fatah. End the Hamas and Al Fatah occupation.

      • roccolore

        Muslim fascists like you beg for Jewish donations.

        Muslim fascists like you support ISIS.

  • Rob Green

    I urge Mr. Chatterjee to sue UCLA, the administrators personally, SJP and all other individuals and organizations involved for violating his civil rights and for hate crimes. What a brave young man for standing up to bullying and what is right.

    • OhioAhmad

      Sue for what? He didn’t do his job. He illegal withheld funds for the Palestinian groups. That is NOT being neutral.

      Palestinian groups have every right as any other group on campus

      • Rob Green

        He did NOT illegally withhold funds from Palestinian hate groups who have no business on campus. Maybe you should study the University of California policies before you open your mouth. You’re a special kind of stupid.

        • OhioAhmad

          He morally and illegal withheld funds. Period. And he did it while being known as a Pro-Israeli tool.

          He was exposed for the fraud and panderer of special interests that he was.

          Good riddance.
          Racism and special treatment to those already entitled should not be supported on American campuses

          • roccolore

            Muslim fascist, what race is Islam? Muslim fascists like you are the frauds who hate Jews, yet beg for Jewish donations.

  • Ryan Bellerose

    I agree, he should sue the university for failing to provide a non bigoted learning environment .

    • OhioAhmad

      Actually it is the SJP and BDD groups who are fighting against the racist bigotry of Israeli apartheid and ethnic cleansing.

      It is the SJP and BDS groups being targeted by hate groups associated with the Israel-first groups like Horowitz and the Kehanists not to mention the JDL terror gangs that are illegal in the US

      • michelelabella

        israel sucks at being racist and apartheid. i can see you’re need to calling it out.

        • OhioAhmad

          A recently retired Israel spy for recently said Israel is the champion of racist occupations

          I can’t argue with that

          • orpheusrises

            It must be your lack of education

          • BruceD13

            How much freedom is there in Palestine and Gaza? There are no Israeli troops in Gaza, so there must be wonderful freedom, right? Suppose one were to write or express an opinion critical of Hamas in Gaza, what would happen to that person? Be honest, now.

      • roccolore

        Muslim fascists like you are the bigots who support apartheid, especially against women, gays, and non-Muslim. Muslim fascists like you are the hatemongers who want Israel wiped off the map. Muslim fascists like you are the hatemongers who blamed Jews for 9/11 and cheered the Bataclan attacks.

      • orpheusrises

        Let’s talk about the persecution on non-Muslims in wakadoodle Muslim majority states first. I’m sorry but these groups have no moral high ground whatsoever. Reveal your allegiance to Sharia law, ISIS and BoKa Haram and let your true ambitions be known.

      • Ryan Bellerose

        LMAO stabbing jews for peace and the bdsholes are the problem, and people like you misusing words like genocide, now away with you, you make my head hurt with your stupid.

      • BruceD13

        What kind of religious and political freedom is there in Gaza and Palestine? Suppose a Hindu wanted to practice Hinduism or a Christian wanted to practice Christianity or a gay person wanted to be openly gay in Gaza, what would happen to them? Suppose a woman wanted to wear say a mini-skirt or leggings and walk down a street in Gaza, what would happen to her? Suppose one wrote or expressed an opinion critical of Hamas in Gaza, what would happen to that person? Be honest, now.

  • Cromulent

    UCLA is a hotbed of Jew hatred, and Chatterjee got in the way. Sad.

    • OhioAhmad

      Chattered got exposed for the Israeli tool he really was. Withholding funds is against the bylaws of UClA, or any other, student government.

      His only mistake is thinking that the pro-Israeli groups would unconditionally defend him. Boy was he wrong

      • roccolore

        You’re a tool for ISIS.


    Perhaps families of the Jewish faith should reconsider sending their children to an anti-Semitic university such as UCLA.

    • OhioAhmad

      That sounds bigoted of you.

      Yes if children of a particular religion can’t force other students to hate Palestinians then maybe they should go somewhere else.

      US schools have no responsibility to handhold students and protect them from the truth. And the truth is that Israel is in violation of hundreds of UN resolutions and human rights against the Palestinians.

      • michelelabella

        you mean arabs and others who align themselves with the fake cause of “palestine?” really, there’s no such thing… it’s an invention by arafat, an egyptian terrorist that started in 1964 because he and his invading arab colonialist armies lost the war they started to kill the jews. just a bunch of sore losing, cry babies.

        If it’s soooo terrible as a muslim arab living in the democratic nation of Israel… there’s plenty of room in the former Roman colony of “Syrian-Palestina” that is in what’s now called Syria and Jordan. And… i hear land is cheap!

        • OhioAhmad

          There’s no such thing as Israel until 1948 which is a new invention and was inspired by white supremacist separation politics.

          That’s why the early WZO tried to seperate and settle in Uganda.

          Palestinians have a right to have their stories heard free from outside bullying and hasbara misinformation.

          Palestinians have a right to defend themselves by any means necessary when illegal armed foreigner Zionists try and steal their property.

          Boycott Israel Apartheid

          • roccolore

            Muslim fascists like you support apartheid. Muslim fascists like you stone rape victims and throw gays off buildings. Muslim fascists like you won’t allow churches and synagogues in your part of the world, yet you demand Europe allow Saudi-funded terror mosques.

          • Ganesha_akbar

            Egyptian-Arabs in Hamastan have already ethnically cleansed Gaza of every ethnic Jew. Meanwhile, Jordanian-Arabs of The Palestinian Authority demand boycotts to affect removal of “settlements” and that no Jewish communities be allowed in Judea (the so-called “West Bank“).

            It would appear that people demanding the ethnic cleansing of Jews from these disputed territories envision one country (Israel) where Jews, Muslims and others may live as equals; and another (Palestine) where Jews are verboten.

            If that isn’t Islamo-supremacist Apartheid, I don’t know what is.

            Victims of anti-Semetic propaganda have proven Joseph Goebbels right– if lies are repeated often enough, then people will come to believe them.

          • Rob Green

            There was no such thing as Pakistan until 1948, a made up country carved out of India for the invading Muslims who slaughtered over 100 million Hindus. Give the land back to India and move back to Saudi Arabia, the true home of the Muslim hoards.

          • BruceD13

            “Palestinians have a right to have their stories heard free from outside bullying and hasbara misinformation.”

            How about free from Hamas and Al Fatah bullying?

      • roccolore

        Muslim fascists like you are the bigots.Muslim fascists like you support ISIS.

  • OhioAhmad

    He didn’t do his job in allocating funds properly. Withholding funds from the Pro-Palestinian student groups IS discriminatory.

    What does he expect? To be coddled by the administration? To get extra delux coddling by the Pro-Israel groups? Looks like they threw him under the bus. I wonder why

    The BDS groups are right. Israel is an apartheid state and the student BDS groups have every right to a fair share of student funds. No matter if the Israel lobby don’t have their way

    • Ossie Sharon, M.S., R.D.

      OhioAhmad, you are clearly outnumbered in your opinion here, hysterically trying to convince everyone that supporting terrorism and bullying is the right choice. You are part of a very big problem that threatens the free world. Israel is not an apartheid state, but is multicultural, which people like you can’t stand. You want funds to be used toward hatred and anti-productivity, which is the opposite of how a university should function. It is no surprise that you side with Israel’s enemies, who have turned billion$ in aid into endless warfare and suffering of their own people, instead of giving back to the world, as Israel has done. You don’t need to be on this board, you need a psychiatrist.

      • michelelabella


    • roccolore

      Ha durka durka muhamad jihad durka durka hajihad durka durka hakalakalaka durka durka halalalala.

    • roccolore

      Islam is an apartheid cult.

      • Ganesha_akbar

        Agreed. Islam is not a religion. It is a genocidal extortion racket masquerading as a death cult.

        Quran (9:29) – “Fight those who believe not in Allah… until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”

        When Muslims return occupied Constantinople and the sacred Hagia Sophia (Christendom’s 2nd most holy cathedral)— then BDS victimhood cultists can howl about the alleged “rights” of Muslim invaders to other lands (from the Philippines to Morocco) from which apartheid Islamo-supremacists extirpated native populations through genocide.

        Those interested in exploring the history of apartheid Islamo-supremacism in a more scholarly manner may read, “The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War And The Fate Of Non-Muslims”

        The Buddha called— he’d like his Bamiyan monuments back.

    • Ganesha_akbar

      Material support for terrorism is terrorism.

      Recall, in a 6 to 3 decision, the Supreme Court upheld a federal law that makes it a crime for Americans to provide “material support” of any kind – be it in the form of cash, weaponry, training, personnel, services, or “expert advice or assistance” – to a foreign terrorist organization, even if that support is for ostensibly peaceful purposes.

      Hamas would be one such example. It conducts terrorist attacks against Israel with one part of its organization while running charitable endeavors with another. Propagandizing for Hamas to support its outreach programs would allow Hamas to use propaganda money elsewhere, or even if the specific money was applied to the charitable work, it would allow Hamas to not have to dip into the charity funds for its terrorist activities.

      So, thanks once again to BDS (the local Hamas propagandists) for making it easier for Trump’s NSA to track your criminal terrorism advocacy and Giuliani’s Justice Department to prosecute your material support propaganda campaigns.

      Great job, BDS!

  • Arthur

    It is the UCLA, as well as all such bigoted, racist “universities” that should be boycotted and sanctioned by any reasonable human being with any conscience at all.
    By supporting such evil, racist organizations like BDS and Students for a Judenrein palestine, the faculty of such “universities” automatically become accessories to the crimes of hate speech and incitement to murder on racial grounds.
    Students for a Judenrein palestine are not advocating only for the ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Nation of Israel from their ancestral land – the Land of Israel, but also for the ethnic cleansing of Jewish students from universities worldwide.
    Students for a Judenrein palestine have been making lists of Jewish students and their addresses, in preparation for a Kristallnacht.

  • Jarrod Goldberg

    I salute you, Milan Chatterjee, for standing up to this bigotry for so long and am appalled by the administration’s pathetic neglect of your welfare. Your primary goal as a law student is to learn, not to be abused, legally assaulted and harangued by bureaucratic terrorists.

    In contentious fights between mature children, a rational parent might say “leave me out of this”. That has been the stance of many responsible student governments with regard to Israeli-Palestinian politics on public campuses, especially with regard to contentious issues like the anti-Semitic BDS campaign.

    But when honest student leaders get harassed for their decision lead with a neutral viewpoint on controversial geopolitical issues–and have been harassed so badly that they ultimately seek education elsewhere, it should be clear that there is a serious problem with the system.

    I wish you the best of luck at NYU and pray that you will feel safer there.

    In the meantime, this disgusted alumnus will refuse to donate to UCLA until these issues are addressed and the campus becomes a healthy, safe place for students to learn and live in peace.

  • roccolore

    There’s that liberal “tolerance” again from the fascist Democrats who defend BDS and SJP, which are basically the KKK.

  • Ganesha_akbar

    BDS sharia-enablers are the ugly faces of “known wolves”– aka, devout Muslims.

    Medical science has conclusively demonstrated that devout Muslims are zebiba-demented psychotics. They are self-lobotomized. They are literally what the term “crackpot” means.

    Authorities have a moral duty to grant these known wolves among us actual asylum– in an asylum with straightjackets and padded rooms where they can safely beat their heads against the floor until the self-lobotomy takes its natural course.

    The alternative? The Walking Dead series is a near perfect artistic metaphor for this global plague of hijrah necromongers. Arm yourself and be prepared to target their zebiba.

    Exhibit A