Sunday, February 17

Coffee Commentary: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Week nine is soon upon us, and we cannot help but feel the compounding stress from fellow students on campus. Round two of our coffee house pursuits brings us to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Gayley Avenue. Here we discover an environment different from Starbucks, but still a solid place to venture when you need an escape from campus madness.

Micaela: I have to say, though the actual coffee shop itself looks a little smaller than Starbucks, it is close to the Hill, which is extremely nice, especially since LA seems to never have a day without the sun constantly out. Getting away to Westwood to study and going to Coffee Bean seems like a good decision.

Bree: It is also right by the Weyburn bus stop, which means easy access from campus, and close to off-campus apartments. The vibe here is super cool too. Starbucks seemed to be full of so many different people – tourists, students and families. Honestly, I don’t see anyone here who isn’t studying. Also is it just me or do most of these students look like graduate students? Might be because it is so close to the graduate apartments.

Micaela: Ah, yes. Plus it is right by the hospital and medical facilities. The environment definitely seems to be serious in here, so if you need to get some work done it seems like a great place. What do you think about the taste of the coffee? I think it is a step up from Starbucks.

Bree: It’s definitely an improvement. Not amazing, but I’d take it over Starbucks any day. Also I think the Wi-Fi is worse. I’ve been trying to watch lectures on Bruincast and it just won’t load. Also Spotify is incredibly spotty. And there aren’t even that many people here. Is it like that on your computer too?

Micaela: Yeah, it was on and off. It was especially unfortunate when I had to pick classes. I suggest staying on campus for that. What do you think about the space of the inside with the outlet accessibility?

Bree: Pretty good. They have them all along the walls and on the ground for the middle desks. Looking out for students. Have you ever sat over there at the bar by the window? It’s my favorite place to sit and people-watch when I get bored of studying.

Micaela: I love to people-watch. It helps to clear your mind a little, especially when you’ve been hunched over a book for so long. The window area is my favorite place to sit. It can give you a break from your studying and is very entertaining as well.

Bree: As much as I like this place, can we go soon? I’m not sure if it’s just me but they turn up the air conditioning way too high. I feel like I’m being iced out.

Micaela: I was thinking the same thing. Though it may be too warm in LA sometimes, it is definitely what we need right now.


Bree: Though it’s freezing and the Wi-Fi isn’t great, I think the studious vibe and better coffee make up for it. I definitely prefer it to Starbucks, as long as I’m working on stuff that doesn’t require a computer. 8/10

Micaela: I do like the coffee. I think it does taste better than Starbucks, but I like the environment and vibe better in Starbucks. I think the Wi-Fi is more reliable and there’s more space. 7/10

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Micaela Harris is a Daily Bruin Quad contributor. She writes about many things but enjoys writing about what to do in LA and what coffee to drink while exploring.

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