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Coffee Commentary: Starbucks (Weyburn & Broxton)

The Starbucks on Weyburn and Broxton avenues. (Micaela Harris/Daily Bruin)

The Starbucks on Weyburn and Broxton avenues. (Micaela Harris/Daily Bruin)

Week eight is nearly upon us. With midterms in our presence and finals looming ahead, we know campus study spots are in high demand. But have no fear – home to countless coffee shops and study spots, Westwood Village is an easy alternative to the campus bustle. Traveling outside the Westwood bubble yields even more study alternatives.

Week by week, we roam through Westwood and beyond, evaluating study environments and how they suit students of UCLA. In case you ever need a change in scenery, or a change in coffee variety, we are here to find the best places for students to go. This week we start close to home – Starbucks on Weyburn and Broxton avenues – to help you find the perfect study spot.

Bree: These two old men were talking about how horrible Apple products are as soon as I took out my laptop. They had a super long conversation about it until one of the men fell asleep mid-conversation. Hilarious. Anyway, how was your walk here?

Micaela: The walk from the Hill isn’t too far, especially when you need a cool, study environment away from UCLA.

Bree: From the apartments, it’s super easy, too. Honestly, I got here in five minutes. The walk back up the hill doesn’t sound great though.

Micaela: Definitely – not in this heat. I think this air-conditioning and the iced coffee will definitely make up for it. I do have to say, the size of this Starbucks is pretty large. I think it can fit a lot of people and a lot of textbooks.

(Bree Martin/Daily Bruin)

Bree: Agreed. Those two large tables are definitely helpful. And there is another study area down by the counter. And outside. They have it covered. Have you noticed that as more people get here, the Wi-Fi gets worse though?

Micaela: That is pretty unfortunate. I think the closer you get to finals, the worse the Wi-Fi gets, but I think it’s doable if you need a place away from your dorm room desk or from the crowded Powell Library. I also did notice that there are a lot of outlets, which are super helpful.

Bree: It is nice to escape Powell – too many ants and far too stuffy. Much cooler and fresher in here. And many more outlets than YRL. I feel like during finals week the library becomes an outlet-hunting party. Also, the people here are interesting – mostly just students, and then you have the homeless or talkative old man.

Micaela: Yeah, the talkative elderly who definitely tells you movie ideas by sharing the horror of the possibility of an expensive drug that makes old people young … Like, could you imagine a 28-year-old Donald Trump when everyone else is getting older? Yikes. Definitely gets the creativity flowing, though.

Bree: It’s the grounds of a horror movie. Quite entertaining, but honestly very distracting. Anyway, the music is also kind of distracting. It’s not horrible, but it gets very loud sometimes. I’m glad I brought noise-canceling headphones, or I wouldn’t get anything done.

Micaela: Maybe one day they’ll decide to turn it down and play softer music. On the flip side, it’s universal for both group and individual study – loud enough to be able to talk and study with someone else, quiet enough to concentrate on individual study. Plus, the coffee is consistent in quality.

Bree: True that. Can’t go wrong with Starbucks. Honestly I think this is a pretty great place to study. Covers all the basics. Easy to get to. Not much to complain about.

Micaela: Though this place does fill up pretty fast, if you find a seat, keep it, because there is a continuous flow of college students, business people and Westwood tourists.

Bree: At least it stays open until 2 a.m., I’m sure it starts clearing out as it gets later. Nice to have a coffee shop that stays open that late. So what rating would you give to this place?

Micaela: Given the amount of space, number of outlets, cool environment and the somewhat short distance from both campus and apartments, I’d give it a seven out of 10. What do you think?

Bree: I’m definitely on the same page. It’s pretty reliable and easy. Convenient for any type of studying – individual or group. Definitely coming back soon.

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