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UCLA’s best bathrooms for any situation

(Joey Thimian/Daily Bruin)

(Joey Thimian/Daily Bruin)

Sometimes nature likes to call at the most inconvenient times. Most people loathe picking up that call when they’re not in their comfort zone. Doing your business outside the home is often times quite undesirable. Sometimes you just can’t help but have to deal with this problem. Now we are all aware that there are some restrooms on campus that are downright disgusting. You feel dirty just walking into the bathrooms at Powell or Ackerman. Luckily, we’ve done our research, and have a definitive list of the best UCLA campus bathrooms.

Regardless if you’re in North or South Campus, if you have a few minutes to spare, head on over to these superior bathrooms. No matter where you are on campus you should be no more than five minutes from one of these slices of bathroom heaven. This list is based off a number of factors, but most notionally cleanliness, size and privacy.

For when you’re feeling classy

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Marble floors, immaculately and well-stocked stalls and sinks, and accessibility make Kaufman Hall one of the best in terms of bathrooms. Did I mention marble floors? And art? This is one upscale fancy-ass bathroom. While it can get busy when there are dance shows going on, they are one of the very reasons why these bathrooms are so well maintained. In addition to the cleanliness you also get a pretty atmosphere from one of campus’s least-trafficked building. The restrooms on the second floor even have large windows letting some natural light in during the daytime.

For when you’re so far into North Campus you’re basically in Bel Air

(Joey Thimian/Daily Bruin)

Broad is about as North Campus as you can get, and as such, this building, even though massive, does not get a lot of traffic. The bathrooms are nice, but not necessarily the most remarkable. While they are above average on all marks, they do not win any awards. The one massive advantage that Broad has in terms of bathrooms is that if you take the elevator up to the 8th floor, when you’re done you can appreciate the view.

For when you’re exploring the bowels of a building

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Location, location, location. Many bathrooms in mid-campus are old and dirty. They get a lot of foot traffic too. Trust me, I inspected them all. The Physics and Astronomy Building bathrooms however are significantly newer in comparison to those around it. Its central location also makes it easily accessible to many parts on campus. I have found that the B-level bathrooms are some of the most quiet, most tidy and most peaceful I have ever been in. Make sure to take the elevator down to the bottom when you stop off here.

For when you’re in need of a Spirited John

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This restroom at the UCLA Athletics Hall of Fame, like Broad, is not going to win any awards. However it is considerably better than an average bathroom. They keep this one clean for all the people strolling through the Hall of Fame, which almost never includes students walking to or from class. As a result the bathroom is oftentimes very quiet. While you’re there you can go ahead and spend a few minutes checking out the 113 NCAA championships and other cool displays of UCLA athletics history which go vastly ignored by students.

For when you need a lot of space

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Bunche very recently renovated it’s bathrooms on the third floor. It’s so new it looks cleaner than the hall outside. Not only is it shiny, it’s massive. Seriously, dorm rooms are smaller than this unisex bathroom. You could potentially throw a party in this place.


For when you wanna see some freaky porcelain

(Joey Thimian/Daily Bruin)

Now there might be quite a few beautiful sculptures in North Campus, but the porcelain art in Dodd Hall on the third floor is quite unique. I bet you have never seen a urinal that quite looks like this. Sorry for leaving you out on this one, ladies, but any guy using this piece can’t help but notice how odd it is. Be warned though, this bathroom is probably the least advantageous on the list if you’re looking for a nice clean place to spend some time. It’s merely a sight-seeing adventure stop.

For when you want to explore campus


This is the newest building on this list, and it really shows in terms of bathrooms. The Terasaki Life Sciences building is quite far off the beaten path in South Campus. Most of the restrooms here are single-stall unisex rooms. They are very well stocked, and still look new. Because this building is a little bit out of the way in South Campus, most people do not find themselves here without purpose. It might be a little weird to do your business next to a full-fledged emergency wash station, but if you can get over the unorthodox bathroom additions, you will have a super private bathroom.

No one likes a dirty bathroom. Nothing is worse than walking into a grimy, smelly room with dirty floors and porcelain that seem like they haven’t been cleaned since the John Wooden era. The restrooms on this list are sure to make your campus bathroom needs a more pleasant experience not just because they are clean, but because the low levels of traffic will give you more privacy.

That is, unless everyone flocks to these restrooms now that the secret is out.

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