Friday, December 6

Letter to the Editor: Bruins must remember to sustain inclusive, diverse student government

I am always reluctant to comment on student processes to avoid even the appearance of influence. However, I want to applaud the Daily Bruin’s fair and principled editorial, “Objections to USAC Judicial Board appointment discriminatory,” published on Feb.12, that took to task the questioning of the qualifications of a candidate for the Undergraduate Students Association Council Judicial Board specifically based on her Jewish religious and personal identity. What would we do if a candidate was questioned because she or he was African American or undocumented, and issues related to diversity, immigration or affirmative action were expected to arise? I hope all Bruins recognize the need to rededicate ourselves to the work of embodying our True Bruin values and our commitment to the broader goal of sustaining a multiethnic democracy that respects the dignity of all its members. I believe our community is more generous, thoughtful and inclusive than this particular incident would suggest.

Janina Montero, vice chancellor for student affairs

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  • barton fink

    Vice Chancellor: Until the full video of the meeting is re-posted online alongside videos of other USAC meetings there can be no respect for multiethnic democracy or dignity for Jewish students at UCLA. No apology for what happened can be regarded as sincere as long as the video remains offline. It’s not possible to apologize for an act while trying to hide it. If the accused think they will succeed in saving face by issuing a boilerplate apology and hiding evidence of what they did, they are mistaken, and UCLA should not play along with their charade. Even if the video not made public again, it’s removal will not be overlooked.

  • Dave Lebental

    Vice Chancellor: the behavior of the 4 student leaders in question at the 3/10 USAC meeting was every bit as racist as the SAE frat video. Look how OU’s Chancellor handled it and compare that to your leadership. You are essentially condoning racist diatribe as long as it’s spoken in the Queens English with no alcohol present.