Tuesday, January 22

USAC Endorsement: Taylor Bazley for President


The Daily Bruin Editorial Board endorsed candidates for all 13 offices in this week’s undergraduate student government elections.

The editorial board represents the stance of the Daily Bruin, and is composed of four standing members – the editor-in-chief, managing editor, news editor and opinion editor – in addition to five staff representatives.

The endorsement process took place the week before voting began. Endorsements were primarily based on a 20-minute interview that three to four members of the editorial board conducted with each candidate. During these interviews, candidates were able to discuss their platforms, knowledge of the Undergraduate Students Association Council and prior experience.

The board selected endorsements for each office after discussing each candidate and taking a vote. All endorsed candidates received a majority vote from the board.

We encourage students to use our endorsements as a starting point for their own research – and to vote in the elections.

See who the board endorsed:

We endorse Taylor Bazley because we believe he can bring radical change to the way the Undergraduate Students Association Council operates – change that will bring more students into the USAC discussion and make all councilmembers re-evaluate their priorities and their outreach efforts.

Bazley has cast a critical eye on USAC, using innovative platforms to address organizational inefficiencies and the pettiness of partisan politics. With the possibility of a three-slate council, these are essential traits for a successful presidency.

Unlike the other candidates, Bazley has platforms that are more philosophical than tangible, but we believe this is an effective leadership approach. He thinks the president’s role is to involve as many students in the governing process as possible, and he has feasible plans on how to reach out to untapped student groups.

John Joanino is also a qualified presidential candidate, with three years of varied experience in USAC and involvement in the Student Fee Advisory Committee. His platforms are strong and reflect a knowledge of student needs and the inner workings of USAC.

Although Carly Yoshida has served on the council for a year, her platforms were not as widely relevant as Joanino’s and she did not seem well-prepared for the role of president.

Bazley doesn’t have the long-standing council experience the other two candidates have, but this has not kept him from addressing problems. As a candidate for Financial Supports commissioner last year, Bazley publicly spoke about the need for USAC election code reform after misleading student group endorsements were made by members of Bruins United without the consent of the named organization. He did so despite many others’ reluctance to speak openly about the controversy.

We did not endorse him last year because we felt he was unprepared to take on the responsibilities of a USAC office, but he spent this year identifying and finding solutions to problems within USAC through the Roosevelt Institute, an on-campus think tank. He has also reached out to many current and former members of the council to learn more about its inner workings and has given a voice to many students usually overlooked by USAC. His platforms reflect that.

As a presidential candidate, Bazley wants to reform the USAC appointment process for positions such as the student position on the ASUCLA Board of Directors and the Student Fee Advisory Committee by selecting a third party to revise each candidate for these positions. Bazley sees this as another way to combat the slate politics on council, where there is a perception that many people are only appointed to these positions because of their connections within USAC.

Bazley was also concerned that many paid, appointed positions within counsel offices could be combined with similar appointments to save the council money and time.

Bazley is a USAC outsider, but one with a keen eye that can effect some positive change within the council.

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  • Voter

    … Well this is surprising, to say the least…

  • sad day

    I’m surprised no one mentioned to DB that he identifed himself as Black on his application because he thought that would get him into UCLA. This is probably the scariest endorsement I’ve ever seen.

    • SkepticalOfLA


    • I actually know him.

      I spoke for Taylor, and I am mentioned in this article. I know him and you need to be careful of libel.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Taylor-Bazley/572123461 Taylor Bazley

      This is a rumor that I have only heard recently when someone asked about it on my facebook, and I would like to dispel it on here with the same story as on my facebook.

      It is not true though I could see why some people would assume that as a logical way I got to go to the admit weekend. The story of how I got there was that I added a bunch of new friends on facebook who were also coming to UCLA (because I was so excited to come and wanted to make UCLA friends), and many of them were talking about an admit weekend they were going to. When I looked into it I found that it was ASU’s admit weekend; I also saw Raza day and that SEAS had one as well, however at the time there was no bruin day so there was nothing like this targeted to me.

      So I emailed the leaders I could find from both ASU about coming to theirs, and MECHA about going to Raza day. Both emailed back and said they would be more then happy to extend an invitation to me. Since ASU admit weekend overlapped I decided to just go to that one.

      In short I was not offered a formal invitation like African American students because I did NOT check that I was a black student, I checked that I was Caucasian, because I am. The ASU admit weekend was a great experience, because of it I met Dennis Coy Denman who helped me get my position in ORL, helped give me a more complete history of UCLA, and to facilitate the creation of a lot of friendships I carry to this day. This is just one of the many examples of how I have tried to in my personal life reach out to other communities and understand a diverse set of students, and one reason why I think I would make a good President.

      Like I said, this rumor is absolutely false, I did not know this rumor was floating around until a few hours ago, please direct anyone that says this rumor to this story. I don’t think this is necessary but if anyone disputes this they can email me at [email protected] asking for a copy of the email corespondance with ASU and MECHA from back in high school and I will promptly find that for them.

      • Get it right!

        One, this is how you spell “MEChA” and two, why is it that when we had a conversation, you told me you also attended Raza Day? Maybe simply looking for votes? hmmmm

        • ChangingMyVotes

          I think LA is starting to stoop to a new low. How come people are becoming so slanderous and hateful to each other? Gross.

        • Frank Finklestein

          You clearly need to get your priorities checked if the most pressing matter to you is how he spelled “MECHA”.

          • annoyed

            Frank, you’re a troll. Don’t you have midterms to study for? You’ve been commenting on every article when there is something you don’t like or just to start a fight (i.e look at Charmaine’s endorsement). You can’t even leave it alone without writing something negative.

          • Stanley Stinkleberg

            I think his comments are honest.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Taylor-Bazley/572123461 Taylor Bazley

          All the attendees of the ASU admit weekend were invited to join Raza day at sunset rec so that we could all meet other newly admitted freshmen, it was a great experience, and one that I am very happy to have been a part of. I apologize for my incorrect spelling, thank you for pointing it out.

          • BA and LA!

            Thank you Taylor for taking the time to respond to students’ concerns. I really appreciate this!

            I am voting for BA and LA!

      • Scared


        Shoplift anything recently? I remember how you used to brag about it when we were freshman.

    • Frank Finklestein

      What is even more sad is how Let’s Act has to resort to smearing the good name of Taylor Motherfucking Bazley just to appear as a viable option. A sad day indeed.

      • and I was about to vote for BA

        Why point the finger to Lets Act? John was given praises by the Daily Bruin as well.

        And “mother-fucking,” really? We just spent a whole week discussing a safe and thriving community and here you go using misogynistic language. sad.

        • Frank Finklestein

          So you are changing your vote just because some random guy on the internet said something that offended you?

        • ConfidentInBA

          People of any party are likely to use that language, it is not the candidates doing it so don’t pin it on their party.

      • Taylor and Nicole for Office

        Agreed. I’m truly disgusted by how negative LA has become and how they have focused on solely winning rather than the wellbeing of students as a whole, even students who do not support them. I have seen the posts of some of their campaign managers, and they are vile to say the least (referring to C. Cabrera’s rude and belittling tweets).

        • BA but not BSing

          I am also supporting Bruin Alliance, but I want to make clear that I do not associate myself with the previous post.
          If you have an issue with “C. Cabrera” why don’t you address it with him? Don’t associate one person supporting LA! with the entire slate. There are equally a lot of nasty tweets coming from people wearing BU tank tops.

        • http://www.facebook.com/chris.cabrera.148 Chris Cabrera

          I don’t believe my tweets are rude or belittling. I just state the truth about USAC and if you don’t like that then you shouldn’t be following me on twitter. For the past two years, the majority of USAC council members have failed to fulfill many of their platforms and have not brought systematic or institutionalized change to our campus (this is further highlighted by an article this year on the Daily Bruin). I will stress the fact that I am excited to see that this year, after two years, the majority of council seats are contested, bringing more student representation to USAC (with BA and Let’s Act!). I can’t speak as to whether the allegation against Taylor is true or not, since I have yet to speak to Taylor or anyone about this allegation.

          • http://www.facebook.com/chris.cabrera.148 Chris Cabrera

            Also notice that I am NOT afraid to put my name on my post. Most of ya’ll are so quick to comment and call people out but don’t even bother to put your names. Transparency!

          • Undecided Voter Deciding

            So you have no plans on reaching out to members of BU? Sounds like a plan.

          • http://www.facebook.com/chris.cabrera.148 Chris Cabrera

            It’s interesting that you are quick to bring up my tweets when none of them ever mention Taylor or Nicole or BA nor do my tweets pertain to Taylor’s post at all. You’re obviously salty and hold a grudge against me for criticizing the lack of efficiency and success of the Gen Rep 1 office this year. In regards to reaching out to BU members, I already hold relationships and friendships with people from BU, so there really isn’t a need for me to reach out to them. I had the great pleasure of working with Kim Davis this year, and she has my outmost respect.

          • Durrrr

            What’s with people in this election using words they clearly don’t know how to use? Outmost respect? I think you mean upmost.

          • Sahil Seth

            Well I meet all of your criteria there Chris, and you have still posted rude and belittling tweets about me. I won a contested election, have been accountable to my platforms, and sought to accurately represent the diverse student population. So in essence, yes you are just being rude and belittling.

          • http://www.facebook.com/chris.cabrera.148 Chris Cabrera

            and I still stand by the ignorant statement that you made at the forum which was and I quote, “Environmental issues aren’t human right issues.”You may find me quoting your statement to be rude or belittling, but I think that saying an ignorant statement like that is of greater concern.

          • Taylor and Nicole for Office

            There’s a difference between pointing something out in a respectful manner and lambasting someone in a rude and hurtful manner. One is mature and one points out your low level of decency that you have come to be associated with in your tweets.

          • http://www.facebook.com/chris.cabrera.148 Chris Cabrera

            When you’re a council member or when you decide to run for council you become a public figure. You can’t expect for a council member, who is someone who is suppose to represent the student body, to make an ignorant comment and not have anyone do anything about it. Also, I never made or said anything I just simply quoted what he said. Also, again, I can’t stress it enough, please be transparent! If you have an issue then don’t be a coward and hide behind an anonymous post.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Taylor-Bazley/572123461 Taylor Bazley

          Thank you so much for your support, but I want to make sure we are not generalizing anything to an entire slate. Let’s Act has some good candidates many of whom I personally will be voting for (same goes for BU). Besides that I have met with many leaders of Let’s Act and I can assure you that we are maintaining a good relationship because that’s what our campus needs. Just a few minutes ago Lawrence, the chairperson of the ASU and a leader of Let’s Act called me to make sure I knew that he did not support any rumors about me having said I was African American on my UCLA application and that he was supportive of dispelling these rumors if he ever hears them. I am not defending any individuals, just the idea that we can’t generalize this. Once again thank you for your support!

  • congrats Taylor and John

    Congrats John, although not formally endorsed, the Daily Bruin did not disqualify you from being QUALIFIED!!!

    “John Joanino is also a qualified presidential candidate, with three years of varied experience in USAC and involvement in the Student Fee Advisory Committee. His platforms are strong and reflect a knowledge of student needs and the inner workings of USAC.

    Although Carly Yoshida has served on the council for a year, her platforms were not as widely relevant as Joanino’s and she did not seem well-prepared for the role of president.”

    • Just Sayin

      There goes LA with the negative campaigning again… seems to be building some sort of reputation here…

      • confused

        how is this negative? lol it just quotes the article?

      • god.

        Here goes the anti-LA! people playing the victim card.
        Can’t put quotes together because somehow its negative campaigning. Maybe I should join Bruins United, run around in a sombrero and throw glitter at potential voters.

        • Madison

          Proving Just Sayin’s point even further.

          • truth

            It’s not like BU hasn’t done that.

  • Guest

    Seriously? This guy used to brag on our floor first year about how much stuff he shoplifted. No thanks.

    • BAontheRISE

      Wow. I think this is highlighting the truth in Carly’s speech during debates. Shame on those who are hiding behind anonymous hate comments. If you have the balls to say something, use your Facebook account like Bazley did. I’m starting to see what the other commenters are talking about.

      • hmm

        You’re hiding behind an anonymous comment too. #hypocrisy

        • BAontheRISE

          It’s anonymous yes, but not one targeted on the personal level with hate.

          • Hmm

            I apologize. Double standards then.

    • steven y

      LA = Let’s Attack

      I’m proud that Taylor got this endorsement. I think he’ll be an AMAZING president!

      • LA! and BA

        Please don’t attack LA! I really want to vote for both BA and LA! but when those supporting BA are making it hard to support both, I am less inclined.

        I think BA and LA! share a lot of the same values, and it will be a breathe fresh air from a BU majority council these past few years.

        • Guest

          I’m a member of BA, and personally I’ll be voting Bruins United for the other contested races with the exception of facilities.

  • anon

    trololol? … no? well then. still voting for john. tangible work is more important that idealistic philosophies to me at the moment.

  • Bruins United!

    Carly is the only person with in council experience. That is what is needed for an effective president.
    The past two presidents were former general representatives.

    Sorry John and Tayler, but my girl Carly and BU have already won. Maybe next year.

    • Uhh

      The last president also ran unopposed… Maybe not the best generalizing blanket statement?

    • http://www.facebook.com/DrewSoucie Drew Soucie

      Carly may have experience sitting on council, but that’s not enough for me to call her qualified for the position of President. Not to mention the fact that she accomplished all 3 of her platforms (2 of which were simply making YouTube videos) in the last few months of her term as Gen Rep. UCLA deserves a leader who’s going to be active all year in seeking the opinions of students—not just when elections are right around the corner.

    • it don’t mean a thing

      knowing the office doesn’t equate knowing the students it speaks for.

  • http://www.facebook.com/spurkrabek Sarah Purkrabek

    I’m so happy and proud of Taylor for getting this endorsement! BA, BU, and LA all have some great candidates. As a member of BA I support Taylor and Nicole wholeheartedly, but as far as the other offices go I will personally be voting for candidates from both BU and LA. I can speak for all of BA when I say that how each of us is voting is a completely individual decision based on who we think is the best candidate for the job, not whether they are labeled BU or LA.

  • Smiles

    Why can’t we just all get along?

  • RealityCheck

    LOL. Who knew this would make so many people angry. Daily Bruin endorsements never mean anything. The only people who read this are either directly involved I’m a campaign or hypercritical.

  • Rodney King

    (In response to this entire thread) If we’re the future, and there is no discernible difference between USAC campaign politics and the tomfoolery ever present on the national level, I think it’s safe to say we’re all f%$#@!

    • Angela Davis

      And to think these are the possible future Senators and Congress reps. Scary ….

  • Nicole Kern

    Taylor is one of the best people I have met at UCLA and I feel lucky to have gotten the chance to work for him through BA. He is the best candidate for the job, because of how much he cares about UCLA and how hard he will work for the students. This year since I met him in September I have rarely seen him not working on creating Bruin Alliance and making sure he had a party built on integrity filled with a wide assortment of people that he can count on. Through his hard work he gave me a community of people that feel like family. I know he can do the same with our campus!

  • i got her back

    Don’t worry about this Carly, we got your back!
    We know you are going to win because you are the most qualified.
    John and Taylor are only getting all this attention because they are not BU, during a BU majority council.

  • SorryImNotSorry

    I’ve known Bazley since I was a freshman here at UCLA. He used to pride himself on how he would break the law and shoplift all the time. I’m sure his floormates and fellow EF ORL staff (whom he worked for) can vouch for that.

    • smh

      If you have an issue with him, why don’t you address it with him? These attacks on Taylor are extremely disgusting.

      I hope everyone else does not frame it on the LA! campaign, because I can assure you that we have the upmost respect for Taylor. Some, if not most, of us share very similar ideologies with him, and some of us have said we are going to be voting for BA.

      I hope that whoever is making these accusations are not associated with any slate; but if they are, karma is going to bite.

      • sorryimnotsorry

        Karma is not going to bite, because these aren’t false accusations. They’re disgusting but they’re true. And no, I’m not associated with a slate. I’ve known Taylor since he was a FRESHMAN…he personally bragged to me about doing so. He may have grown as a person since then, but that doesn’t cancel out his actions.