Tuesday, January 22

USAC Endorsement: Jessica Trumble for Cultural Affairs Commissioner


The Daily Bruin Editorial Board endorsed candidates for all 13 offices in this week’s undergraduate student government elections.

The editorial board represents the stance of the Daily Bruin, and is composed of four standing members – the editor-in-chief, managing editor, news editor and opinion editor – in addition to five staff representatives.

The endorsement process took place the week before voting began. Endorsements were primarily based on a 20-minute interview that three to four members of the editorial board conducted with each candidate. During these interviews, candidates were able to discuss their platforms, knowledge of the Undergraduate Students Association Council and prior experience.

The board selected endorsements for each office after discussing each candidate and taking a vote. All endorsed candidates received a majority vote from the board.

We encourage students to use our endorsements as a starting point for their own research – and to vote in the elections.

See who the board endorsed:

Jessica Trumble’s platforms are intelligent, feasible and would improve the cultural experience at UCLA. We strongly endorse her for Cultural Affairs commissioner.

A simple yet necessary change she proposes is to expand the scope of the Cultural Affairs Commission’s mini-fund so students can get funding for resources like supplies and costumes that are necessary for their programs. This is the type of pragmatic thinking that is necessary in USAC leaders – it increases efficiency and access for students and would not be difficult to do.

Trumble’s experience in various USAC offices has prepared her to lead this office and hold her own at the table.

She wants to bring speakers and introduce theme nights into existing events, like World Café, so that UCLA students can understand how choices they make affect decisions and cultures in other parts of the world. The move to help students understand global ties is an important one, but we encourage Trumble to vary the types of events to make sure that these events will be appealing to more than just one group of students.

Trumble is realistic about her UCLA Art Walk platform, an idea to bring an event, similar to the Downtown L.A. Art Walk, to UCLA, using student art and organizations. She has spoken to administrators to narrow down possible locations and ensure feasibility.

Trumble is running unopposed, yet she was one of the most well-prepared candidates we interviewed for any office.

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  • Sure, but . . .

    While I do not deny that Jessica is a qualified candidate, I do not understand why she would run in a slate and divide the university when CAC stands for unity. For someone who tends to not side with any one issue, Jessica seems to be adding unnecessary drama to elections. I am a bit disappointed – hopefully this is not reflected when she is an actual council member.

    • CACfam

      I get your point. I’m in CAC and was kind of upset when I heard she was running with a slate, because it meant that I would have to “take sides” in the elections to support her. But a couple of us were talking and someone brought up the idea that culture and art, while being the universal language, are inherently political. Our office stands for and actively strives for unity through our programming, but we also promote social and political dialogue and are strong allies for underrepresented communities. After learning about the candidates she’s running with, I understood why she felt it was important to run with them. Everything they are is what CAC is about, at its core, and its important to stand in solidarity with them. Idk if that makes sense, take this as you will, but that’s just my perspective, hope it maybe helps?

      And side note, Jessica, you have cac’s support, wish i could have personally shown it more, but i will be out on bruinwalk as much as i can this week helping to flyer!

      • Fuzz

        All four years I was at UCLA, SF! ran a CAC candidate – Bernice Shaw, George Chacon, Abigail Faelnar, Kinnery Shah. This isn’t new. The slates have contested CAC regularly, and Cultural Affairs Commissioners regularly support other partisan offices in projects like Bruin Bash. This isn’t new.

    • CAC is great!

      How was Jessica supposed to know that Bruins United would not be running a candidate for CAC? BU has been trying to win CAC for a long time.

      Had Jessica not ran with LA!, and BU ran someone against her, she would have very little resources to individually take on a political machine like Bruins United.

      While I agree with you in theory, politically her decision makes sense.

  • Politico

    It’s all a joke, CAC isn’t contested because the fix is in. BU and LA already agreed who will win. Politics is a dirty game.

    • Truth

      Wrong, BU didn’t run an opponent for CAC this year because they swept the floor with BU’s candidate from last year.