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UCLA student faces charges, after allegedly attempting to assault a fellow student

This article was updated on March 10 at 1:38 p.m.

The original headline and article contained multiple errors and information that was unclear, and have been changed. See the bottom of the article for additional information. 

A UCLA student will face charges of assault with intent to commit rape and false imprisonment, after he allegedly tried to choke another student during a party at the Theta Chi fraternity house early Friday morning. [UPDATED at 1:38 p.m. He was released from the Inmate Reception Center in downtown Los Angeles Saturday night on bond, according to Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department records and a UCLA statement.

Paul Meyer, a 20-year-old student who lives in the Theta Chi fraternity house at 663 Gayley Ave., is scheduled to appear in court for a formal reading of his charges on April 4, according to Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department records.He can plead guilty, not guilty or no contest to the charges during the arraignment.

About 2:30 a.m. Friday, Meyer allegedly attempted to choke a female UCLA student who was also attending the party, said Nancy Greenstein, a UCPD spokeswoman. She added that alcohol was available at the party, but police are still investigating whether Meyer or the victim were drinking.

Meyer and the female student knew each other before the incident took place, Greenstein said.

The female student was taken to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and has since been released, Greenstein said.

Immediately following the incident, Meyer was arrested without a struggle at the house on suspicion of attempted murder, according to a UCLA statement. Meyer was being held on $200,000 bail and faces charges of assault with intent to commit rape and false imprisonment, which is unlawful violation of another person’s personal liberty, Greenstein said.

Theta Chi officials declined to comment on Friday’s incident. The police investigation is still ongoing and no further details are available at this time, according to a UCLA statement.

Compiled by Erin Donnelly, Bruin senior staff.

Correction: A UCLA student will face charges of assault with intent to commit rape and false imprisonment, after he allegedly tried to choke another student during a party. Meyer was being held on $200,000 bail and faces charges of assault with intent to commit rape and false imprisonment.

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  • Clayton Carver

    Boring…who said?

  • Al

    Additional corrections from a UCLA alumnus who would like to see higher quality writing in my alma mater’s newspaper:

    1. Meyer was not held “on $200,000 bail”. He was held “in lieu of $200,000 bail”. The amount may also be incorrect but my point here is the correct phrasing as to the bail.

    2. The UCLA statement did not say that Meyer was arrested “without a struggle”. It used the more common phrase “without incident”.

    3. When this article was written on 3/9, Meyer was not being held “on charges of assault with intent to commit rape and false imprisonment”. He will not be charged until Tuesday 3/11. He was being held “on suspicion of assault…”.

    • Cautious to condem

      What is the difference between “held on” and “held in lieu of”? Also where do you reckon they got the charges from then? Are those just expected charges, will he ultimately be charged with those? Or whats up?

      • Same guy

        Never mind on where they got those charges… its from the UCLA news room… if you follow their link…

    • UCLA Bruins for Lower Tuition

      NEWS ALERT!!! What really needs to be done is for the UCLA DAILY BRUIN to INVESTIGATE the DEANS like the Dean of Anderson and a bunch of others. And then the DAILY SCREWIN should ask the DEAN and other Deans here at UCLA, if they fly first class because they are handicapped. Then go take a picture of them at the gym. WAIT!! THAT WOULD BE REAL INVESTGATIVE JOURNALISM……….ALSO why you’re thinking about being a real journalist, winning an award and being a hero to the students, ask this question when you stick the recorder in the DEANS FACE, WHY DO DEANS GET PAID SO MUCH $$ Why did they fight to keep super high pay? 300k?, 400k? AND why do us students get tuition increases of 32% one year, 8%, next yr. etc. to pay for this crap? WHY? AND could you please put it on the FRONT PAGE please? Oh, please hurry up, the other media are already ahead of you on this one. And don’t show incompetance by doing nothing.

      • Ron Gee

        What do you think is an appropriate salary? Do you know what the market is for a dean of one of the largest and most prestigious university systems in the country? Should the university be hiring lower qualified, less experienced, or second-tier individuals for those positions? Even with the tuition increases, UCLA (and five other UC schools) still rank in the top 25 of best value public schools.

    • Rl

      You are overly focused on grammatical content than the issue itself. Go write a book. You should of been the one to be choked

  • johnmcnary1

    Al, your persnickety comments are fair. But not accurate.

    Being held in lieu of bail is a common, accurate way to summarize this circumstance.

    Without struggle equals without incident. Cops obfuscate. Reporters report.

    The UCLA press office is responsible for the error on the charges. It twice stated that Meyer was charged, first with attempted murder, then attempted rape and false imprisonment.

    No charge has been filed. He was held for suspicion. The Daily Bruin reported what the University told it.

    If you want to get all legal, you do not know if or when he will be charged. That is a decision for the DA to make, or a grand jury. Many things can happen between now and that decision.

    • angriestdogintheworld

      It is none of your business “as a taxpayer” what an alumnus writes about your boyfriend’s sloppy writing. And no, there is no such thing as being held on bail. One is released on bail, held in lieu of bail. Pray tell me that you are not now nor ever have been a U.C.L.A. student.

  • IggyTheTraveler

    More awesome PR for UCLA. Sigh.

  • Chris

    Erin, you ought to check your facts. The arrested student is
    not facing ANY charges.

    - Charges are made only by the District Attorney and
    filed in court. On March 15th, the L. A. County Superior Court of
    California Defendant List has no case naming the accused.

    - The L. A.
    Sheriff’s record lists his arrest and a hearing on April 4th but no
    charges. Police have no authority to file charges anyways.

    - At this
    juncture all accusations are allegations. The District Attorney could
    find insufficient grounds to file charges, or that the incident was an
    accident or mutually consensual. The young lady may not want charges
    filed or may decline to testify against him. Any of those scenarios
    could be grounds for the D.A. not to file ANY charges or to file lesser
    charges than what you incorrectly report.

    - The student body and public
    deserve the truth not the falsehoods in your basilic rag. You should
    seek counsel regarding libel and slander. At a minimum, consult a UCLA
    law student.

    - Sign me one disappointed alumnus who hereby discontinues
    contributions to UCLA.

  • Dan

    Is Paul Meyer an out or closeted gay kid? Does his sexuality have anything to do with the fight? Seems like there is more to this story.

  • please?

    Castrate the f*cker and shut down the frat.