Tuesday, June 19

UCLA student arrested on suspicion of attempted murder at Theta Chi fraternity house, police say

The original version of this article contained an error and information that was unclear, and has been changed. The original headline contained information that was unclear and has been changed. See the bottom of the article for additional information.

A UCLA student was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder early this morning, after allegedly attempting to strangle another student during a party at the Theta Chi fraternity house.

At about 2:30 a.m., Paul Meyer, a 20-year-old student who lives at the fraternity house at 663 Gayley Ave., allegedly attempted to strangle a female student who was also attending the party, said Nancy Greenstein, a spokeswoman with university police. Meyer and the woman knew each other before the incident and it is unclear at this point whether or not alcohol was involved, she added.

The woman was taken to a hospital and has since been released, Greenstein said.

Meyer was also taken to a hospital to be treated for an illness, although police did not specify which illness. He is currently being questioned by UCPD detectives and is expected to be transferred to a sheriff’s station later this weekend and given a court date for sometime next week, Greenstein said.

Compiled by Erin Donnelly, Bruin senior staff.

Correction: Paul Meyer’s last name was misspelled. Also, Meyer was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder early this morning. Meyer allegedly attempted to strangle a female student, said Nancy Greenstein, a spokeswoman with university police.

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  • realtalk

    I heard that bro doesn’t even lift.

  • ArchiesBoy

    What the hell’s going on with these frats?

    • IggyTheTraveler

      They need to be shutdown is what. College is about getting a degree. I am tired of these people that say “it’s about the full college experience.”

      • TiredofIdiots

        I agree with your sentiments that college is all about the education, but do disagree on your sentiments of Greek life. People should be allowed to do whatever the hell they want as long as they’re not harming anybody. Unfortunately, in this case, a Greek member assaulted another student, but that doesn’t mean that all fraternity men are aggressive. And while I know you would LOVE to label him as exclusively a fraternity man, he is also a male, an engineering student, and an UCLA student. So why not cut all males from the school? Or eliminate the engineering department? Maybe we should reevaluate who we admit? While it’s easy to point fingers, label people, and blame certain groups for larger issues, it’s the individual that committed the crime, not the group.

        And by the way, I am SO tired of people with the same mentality as you. College is not just about getting an degree, it’s about educating oneself. And if that means joining certain organizations to learn applicable life and social skills, then so be it. I bet you’re in clubs and organizations on campus, why don’t we just eradicate whatever you’re involved in. I mean, college is JUST about the degree, right?

        • MWP

          Yes but fraternity culture enables these men to get involved in such situations because it provides access to free alcohol and an egocentric, misogynistic environment.

          • Peace!

            Free alcohol? I think you mean readily available alcohol because fraternities men do not get free alcohol albeit females do.

            Now while I do understand that fraternities are more likely to more egocentric and misogynistic as compared to the layman, it’s not the rule. My fraternity (which name I choose to withhold) fosters a responsible and understanding environment. All the guys that I know in my house are respectful of not only women, but ALL people.

            I apologize on behalf of my other Greek brethren, but I definitely do not think that all fraternities fit the picture that you’re painting. There are douchebags in every organization, and to wish for the complete eradication of culture and group is uncalled for.

          • Don’t be so narrow minded

            I agree with the other response of this comment on everything else other than the idea that fraternities bred egocentrism. If anything the idea of a fraternity is that you are joining an organization and a group much larger than yourself and that you represent that group and are only a factor in it. At worse this sense of community and belonging (which everyone seeks be it from a club, their ethnic community, or from family) gives you confidence and inspires you to do things for more than just yourself but for the good of an organization and for other people which you care for.

            I am so annoyed at people who choose to criticize based on prejudice and stereotypes, without really knowing much about the community which they are attacking beyond stereotypes. Just because you don’t need a sense of community doesn’t mean that everyone on this campus can deal with being on such a large campus without a closer group of friends and a feeling of belonging.