The creation of a new University of California logo, currently the subject of attention by news outlets and students alike, does not in fact spell out a doomsday toll of privatization or represent an underhanded move by University administration.

Though backlash to the new logo has been greatly inflated, what is at the root of the concerns is completely valid – we should be deeply invested in the direction of the University and hold UC leaders accountable for transparency within the institution.

It is clear to this board that the creation and limited adoption of the new logo does not constitute a replacement of the University’s traditional symbols and will not cheapen the University’s mission.

What should be a nonissue has been blown out of proportion by opponents to the change.

Let’s set the facts straight about the new logo, which has been in use for nearly a year.

First, the logo will not be replacing the traditional UC seal, which consists of the image of an open book wrapped in a ribbon reading “Let There Be Light.” The seal will continue to be printed on all formal documents, such as student diplomas.

Secondly, individual campuses will not be required to use the logo, and will retain their own personal seals or logos. This logo will be used primarily by the UC Office of the President and only for informal uses, such as on social media outlets and on their website.

Dianne Klein, a UC spokeswoman, said the new logo is intended as a supplement to the University’s other seals and logos.

The University received positive feedback on the logo from focus groups, chancellors and surveys, Klein said. When appropriate in the future, University administration should seek a higher level of student input during the decision-making process.

In this case, it is clear that the design does not satisfy many of the UC’s primary investors, from students to Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom. That students took to websites like in the tens of thousands to protest the new logo speaks to a level of distaste with the design that should be addressed by the administation.

The motive behind the UC’s move to the new logo – to emphasize the UC as a cutting-edge institution – has merit, coming as part of a wider push by the Office of the President to bring about broad public backing for the Golden State’s higher education systems, a move this board supports.