Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul will speak at the Los Angeles Tennis Center Wednesday night.

Posters and chalk around campus have publicized the event location as Sunset Canyon Recreation Center, but organizers expect more attendees than Sunset can hold, said Tyler Koteskey, president of Youth for Ron Paul at UCLA.

The rally will start at 8:30 p.m. and last about an hour, including a 20-30 minute speech and a question and answer session with the Texas Republican, said Koteskey, a first-year political science and history student.

Koteskey and the group have been working since January to bring Paul to UCLA, he said. They lined Bruin Walk until early March to collect the necessary 1,000 signatures to prove to the campaign there’s enough support on campus for Paul to speak, Koteskey said.

Paul served in the House of Representatives in the 1970s and “˜80s, and has represented Texas’ 14th Congressional District since 1997.
He currently has 51 delegates in the primary election, and needs 1,144 to win the Republican nomination and run in the November election.

Compiled by Sonali Kohli, Bruin senior staff.