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CSA initiative only the first step

In response to the column, “Community Supported Agriculture program offers affordable organic food, helps South Central farmers” (Oct. 15), by Natalie Hein: it’s sad that our so-called “public servants” can’t solve our flawed food delivery systems in the country and in California.

We, as students and as consumers, pay high prices for produce that would otherwise cost much less if alternative and sustainable policies were promoted and passed by our elected officials.

The South Central Farmers CSA program is an excellent example of how communities are taking immediate steps to solve the terrible food delivery problems of our country.

Why? Because our politicians are lagging in passing policies that will benefit our environment and communities.

We need our politicians to step up to the plate and mirror the type of efforts that are being taken by such programs as CSA.

Next month, the U.S. Senate will vote on the “Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act”, a bill that limits the amount of U.S. pollution.

We need our California senators, Sen. Feinstein and Sen. Boxer, to vote for this bill.

The bill will ensure that we are moving toward a greener world that will alleviate many of our current problems, such as hunger and poverty.

Many of our students on campus are taking the initiative and are organizing to support such policies that promote sustainable practices across the board. It’s time for our politicians to do the same and move our nation toward a new path that promotes the well-being of people and the environment.

Diego E. Janacua Cortez

Fourth-year Latin American studies

Columnist does not reflect campus political beliefs

Please! I’ve had enough of Alex Pherson’s right-wing rants in the Daily Bruin, the latest being, “Obama has too much faith in dealing with Iran” (Oct. 14).

I am 31 years old and Pherson is the same age as my younger brother but has the same attitudes as my grandfather. Surely you can find another Daily Bruin columnist to at least balance out this right-wing-wacko with an opposing viewpoint.

People reading the Daily Bruin these days might come to think that college-aged students are all ultra-conservative and Republican.

This can’t be the case. Please help get a balanced perspective in the Daily Bruin.

Dean J. Garrett

UCLA Alumnus

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