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Pherson flippant on Afghanistan

Regarding Alex Pherson’s column, (“Obama should provide required troops for war in Afghanistan,” Oct. 8), supporting Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s call for increased troop levels in Afghanistan, it’s not surprising that Pherson fails to acknowledge other relevant alternatives. He references several straw-man arguments that fail to lend any valid support for McChrystal’s request.

He calls attention to a full withdrawal or an “offshore war” through air raids and little else; however, the Obama administration is not seriously considering either of these alternatives. Why argue against proposals that the administration has already rejected?

He then fails to address even the amount of troops that would be sent and consequently ignores any specific effect such an increase would have. There is an honest debate to be had concerning Obama’s strategic course in Afghanistan. It’s a shame that the Bruin encourages Pherson to ignore it.

Michael Johnston

<i>Class of 2009</i>

Mier’s support of activism laudable

I applaud Daily Bruin columnist Sarah Mier for the encouragement she gave to students to participate in free speech in her column. (“Ten things every Bruin must do,” Sept. 21)

We wanted to give a slight correction regarding the assumption that the protests relating to animal experimentation on campus are held by Bruins for Animals! These protests are actually organized by groups outside of UCLA.

On very rare occasions a member of Bruins for Animals! may have attended a protest or two; however, Bruins for Animals! does not organize these events.

Bruins for Animals! has been and continues to be involved in advocacy, education, outreach, support of pro-animal legislation, community service and volunteer work where students gain experience directly helping animals.

Our goal is to engage in a level of discourse that will help illuminate this complex issue and promote positive change for animals.

Everyone is welcome to join or attend our meetings on Thursdays at 6 p.m. in Math Sciences 5203.

We all have the right to free speech. It is up to us to exercise it regarding issues we are passionate about as well as to represent those whose voices may have been drowned out by others.

Thank you, Sarah Mier, for supporting student activism!

Kristy Anderson

<i>Co-founder, Bruins for Animals!</i>

Ansari overreacts

Saif Ansari’s column (“Obama’s actions don’t warrant Nobel Prize,” Oct. 12) is as unconstructive as the storm of late-night TV and Internet jokes. Perhaps an more amenable course would be to ask: Why did Obama even accept the prize at all? And what do you think he will do with the money now that he has accepted it?

Amelia Noor

<i>Second-year global studies student</i>

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