Wednesday, May 22

Trusting my feet led me to the right place

Sometimes I feel that my feet know things before I do.

I walk and realize I’ve meant to go home, but I find myself here again. It’s an unspoken, often intangible relationship with a place, but some things our feet can’t help but say.

I have lived in two states, visited seven countries and attended two universities, but my feet always take me back here.

I am finding that I can begin to trust my feet. This paper was one of the first places I walked to at UCLA and one of the last I will leave. My ties with this place are in some ways stronger than distance.

I’ve left once, only showing up every other week. My relationship on hiatus. Again I returned, unable to stand the distance, working in four sections in my three years here.

Ours is not the relationship with epiphanic moments. My relationship with the newspaper is sometimes one of drudgery.

Ours is not the romance that everyone dreams of, but the drudgery of everyday science. A monotony where the truth seeps in like a sponge, sitting on the edge of a pool of water; it seeps in that this is what I’ve been looking for.

I have found that I keep walking back to Kerckhoff 118, taking me to one of the most enriching experiences of my life.

Before, I’ve fought against the intuitive spontaneity that brings me walking to Kerckhoff 118, but slowly I have learned to trust it. I’ve learned to trust myself, and the volition of my feet.

Now that I’m walking away, I’m not sure where my feet are going lead anymore, but so far they’ve been leading me down the right path.

Rood was the 2007-2008 Photo editor, and will be attending Harvard Graduate School of Education in the fall.

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