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Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

He’s no prince …


Princeton Kim is a disgrace to the Asian American community. As
one of the MANY, MANY Asian Pacific Islanders all over the world
struggling for social change and community empowerment, I am
personally affronted by Kim’s sexism and ignorance ("Putting the
man back in manpower," Jan. 10).

Kim claims to be "indigenous to … Scotland" ("Who’s afraid of
the big, bad Democrat?" Feb. 7). Apparently, he has forgotten his
Korean heritage. The real history of Asian Americans is a legacy of
oppressed workers like my great-grandparents, who were not allowed
to own the California land they farmed.

Kim seems to have forgotten the current situation of Asian
Americans as well. I tutor in Chinatown; quaint name, dirty
streets. It’s only one of many Asian ghettos here in Los

Kim reinforces the stereotype of the conservative, impotent
Asian male, but don’t be fooled. Progressive Asian men and women
are fighting attacks on immigrants’ rights, workers’ rights and
affirmative action. We will march in support of affirmative action
Feb. 21 at 11 a.m. in Westwood Plaza.

Kim is no prince, and no self-respecting Asian American would
kiss that frog.

Christina Shigemura


Geography/environmental studies

Greenhalgh blah!


I am writing in response to Rob Greenhalgh’s viewpoint on the
attempted impeachment of Judicial Board Justice Noah Hochman
("Attempt to impeach justice illuminates ulterior motives," Feb.

I do not know exactly what went on with those hearings or what
went on with Greenhalgh and the Judicial Board member, but I do
know that his attacks on York Chang and the other Students First!
members were uncalled for and untrue.

I never felt the presence of the Undergraduate Students
Association Council before the installation of this year’s council.
Last year, Greenhalgh was good at citing the issues and talking
about them, but what did he do about them? Nothing.

The only reason why registration fees did not increase last year
was because of the collective power of students, in conjunction
with the external vice president’s office and the University of
California Students Association actively campaigning and raising
awareness on campus of the ever-increasing fee hikes.

This year, they are doing the same with much more success
because the student government seats are now filled with people who
care and are willing to do something about it. Greenhalgh claims
Chang is spending thousands of our dollars on his own "agenda." It
just so happens that the agenda of Students First! council members
are the same as my own and the thousands of other students who
voted for them as well.

The Students First! council focuses on issues such as fee hikes,
affirmative action, financial aid and voter registration, which
impact every student on campus. I would much rather have them focus
and mobilize students on these issues, than sit back and fill up
their "impressive" résumés.

This year’s council empowers all students, and allows student
groups to be more effective in their own campaigns. Although our
system is designed to be a representative government, these council
members do not encourage us to sit back and let them make all the
decisions for us. Rather, they understand the power students
possess and want them to take back the power they hold in their
votes and through their actions.

If they can use my seven dollars to educate the campus on the
regents’ attempts to raise our reg fees, the regents’ attacks on
affirmative action, the cuts being made to the federal financial
aid program and anti-immigration legislation – and save me $700 by
keeping tuition fees down – then you won’t hear any complaints from

Instead, I think Greenhalgh and his fellow whiners should get
off their arrogant haunches and lend a hand. There is so much to be

Stacy Lee


Geography/environmental studiesComments to
[email protected]

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