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LettersPublic space


I believe I speak for all those affiliated with the surFACE

"Reforming Public Space" exhibition (held at the Wight Art
Gallery during

the month of October) when I express appreciation toward David
Abell (Oct.

9, "Artsy fartsy"), for voicing the frustration that our

aberrations" invoked upon him.

Our work is successful after having received such response, for
only the

most accomplished artists are able to speak to the public rather
than at

them. Opinions like Abell’s demonstrate that a conversation has

We spoke to him, and he, in this case, screamed back.

Allow me, please, to set the record straight with regard to

surFACE pieces. They were not created to pose questions about
art or

the freedom of expression, as Abell implied. Simply, they
advertise a

showing of over 150 competition entries that address the issues
of public

and private space; hence, the placement in the public spaces
here on


Beware: Not all expression is fueled with conflict-inducing

messages. The juxtaposition of minimalist media and "areas of

and beauty" (the words used in Abell’s letter describing the
main quad,

Dickson Plaza and the sculpture garden) promoted Abell to form
his own

definition of public space.We applaud his contribution to the

call for comments on the public domain.

I challenge you, David, to visit the Wight Art Gallery and see

yourself what hundred of architects and urban planners around
the world had

to say in their designs now on display.Dawn Marie Buettner


School of Architecture

Eat up


Here is my top 10 list of comments in response to Russell
Johnson’s bash

job (Oct. 13, "Lu Valle, here he comes") on the North Campus

Center.10. The milk may be spoiled, but it is not frozen.

9. Have you ever noticed that a sewer smell usually comes from

northeast, no matter what building you step out of on campus
(i.e. the


8. It is the student center, and the majority of students prefer

current video format.

7. It is a campus eatery, not a library.

6. All ASUCLA food service checkout lines are that narrow (see
Lu Valle,

Cooperage, Treehouse).

5. I don’t know where you’re sit-ting, but I’ve never heard

complaint before.

4. It is an open air area and flies get hungry too, don’t they?

see Lu Valle).

3. Maybe you should warm your food a little longer.

2. If you would bother to stickaround long enough to watch

employees, you would know they change their gloves

1. It’s a cafeteria, not a gourmet restaurant, and as such, we
have some

of the best food of any cafe-teria.

Are you satisfied yet, Mr. Johnson?Manny Maltezakis

Customer Service

North Campus Student Center

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