Gallery: Bruins host swim and dive dual meet and 3-day diving invitational

(David Rimer/Daily Bruin staff)

By Lillie Yazdi, Alex Driscoll, David Rimer

January 20, 2021 at 2:13 p.m.

Victorious in all but one event, UCLA swim and dive defeated Fresno State in the first and only home meet of the season. The Bruins also hosted Utah and UNLV in the 2021 Bruin Diving Invitational at Spieker Aquatics Center.

Sophomore Katrina Sommer glides in a streamline position after diving into the water for the 200-yard IM on Friday, the first day of competing against Fresno State. Sommer finished in fourth place Saturday with a time of 2:06.54. (Lillie Yazdi/Daily Bruin)

Sommer swims backstroke during the 200 IM. (Lillie Yazdi/Daily Bruin)

Sophomore Lindsay Stenstrom prepares behind the block for the 200-yard backstroke. (Lillie Yazdi/Daily Bruin)

Fresno State’s Emily Cutler propels her arm out of the water during the 200-yard backstroke. (Lillie Yazdi/Daily Bruin)

Sophomore Daniella Hawkins competes in the 500-yard freestyle. Hawkins placed in third with a time of 5:02.43. (Lillie Yazdi/Daily Bruin)

Sophomore Rachel Rhee competes in the 100-yard freestyle during day one of the dual meet with Fresno State. Rhee placed in third with a time of 50.92. (Lillie Yazdi/Daily Bruin)

Swimming the 200-yard butterfly, senior Lia Foster went on to finish in first place with a time of 2:04.52. (Lillie Yazdi/Daily Bruin)

Hawkins competes in the 1,000-yard freestyle during day two of UCLA’s meet against Fresno State. She finished in third place behind fellow teammates sophomore Stephanie Su and junior Katie Sulkevich. (Alex Driscoll/Daily Bruin staff)

Junior Ella Kirschke swims breaststroke during the 400-yard IM event against Fresno State on Saturday. Kirschke swam the 400 IM as an exhibition event, meaning her final time did not officially count toward UCLA’s winning point total of 177. (Alex Driscoll/Daily Bruin staff)

Sophomore Katie Shaheen competes in the women’s 3-meter springboard diving championship during day two of UCLA’s invitational with Utah and UNLV. After tallying the final scores of the 3-meter event, Shaheen was UCLA’s top finisher and placed fifth overall against divers from Utah and UNLV. (Alex Driscoll/Daily Bruin staff)

After executing a dive during the women’s 3-meter competition, sophomore Hannah Butler straightens her arms before entering the pool on day two of the Bruin Diving Invitational. Butler held a final score of 460.60 in the 3-meter by the end of the invitational against Utah and UNLV. (Alex Driscoll/Daily Bruin staff)

Freshman Aurora Huxman rotates mid-dive during the 3-meter diving championship against Utah and UNLV on Saturday. (Alex Driscoll/Daily Bruin staff)

Huxman enters the water after a 7.5-meter platform dive Sunday. She finished third overall in platform dive, with a combined score of 401.00. (David Rimer/Daily Bruin staff)

UNLV’s Montse Moreno clasps her legs during a flip on a 5-meter platform dive. (David Rimer/Daily Bruin staff)

Huxman arches back at the top of a 5-meter dive in preparation for a spin toward the water. (David Rimer/Daily Bruin staff)

Utah’s Tony Chen corkscrews through the air during the men’s 1-meter springboard finals. Chen placed first in the men’s 1-meter diving championship round with a combined 588.05 points. (David Rimer/Daily Bruin staff)

Huxman flips during one of her 10-meter dives. From the stands, she appeared to soar above the lights in the aquatic center. (David Rimer/Daily Bruin staff)

Shaheen performs a 10-meter dive beginning with a corkscrew flip. She was UCLA dive’s top-placing competitor on Sunday, finishing second in the finals with a combined score of 435.60 points, within two points of first place. (David Rimer/Daily Bruin staff)

Moreno outstretches an arm for rotation and balance at the apex of her flip, completely upside-down. (David Rimer/Daily Bruin staff)

Utah’s Jenner Pennock glides through the air on a 1-meter springboard jump. Pennock finished second in the men’s 1-meter springboard with 543.00 points. (David Rimer/Daily Bruin staff)

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