Thursday, February 27

Singers from UCLA’s Random Voices A Cappella take an interlude from rehearsal to describe their musical journeys.  The California A Cappella Festival, an event that Random Voices host every year, will take place on April 4.

A cappella groups, which feature singers without any instrumental accompaniment, from across California will take part in the event, showcasing their music and routines.

For a taste of a cappella, here is “Faith” by Lake Street Dive, arranged by third-year dance student Sarah Summers:

Reporting by Priyanka Nanayakkara

Musical Journeys

Hannah Bucko - Alto

Fourth-year microbiology, immunology and molecular genetics student

Sarah Summers - Alto

Third-year dance student

Olivia London - Bass

Second-year musical theater student

Morgan Rose - Soprano

Second-year international development studies student

Rianna Walcott - Bass

Third-year English exchange student from London

Julia Ramos - Vocal Percussion

Fourth-year Design | Media Arts student

Hannah Horton - Alto

Third-year economics student

Tricia Gunter - Soprano/Alto

Third-year psychobiology student

Amelia Rudnicki - Soprano

Fourth-year psychobiology student

Megan Gaumond - Soprano

Third-year psychology student

Emily Zetterberg - Soprano

Third-year musical theater student

Members not included in radio pieces:

Annie Chin - Soprano

Fourth-year communication studies student

Rebecca Birstock - Alto

Third-year theater student