Monday, May 25

Track teammates cohost video blog series

Teammates, roommates, and now, co-hosts: since the launch of the track and field team’s video blog series, “Trackside,” junior hammer thrower Alec Faldermeyer and junior pole vaulter Mike Woepse have added a new dimension to their friendship. Read more...

Photo: Mike Woepse, a junior pole vaulter, hosts the video blog series “Trackside” with junior thrower Alec Faldermeyer.

Track and field trumps USC in dual meet

Saturday was the first time any member of the UCLA women’s track and field team tasted victory against USC. And for the first time since 2006, they were able to join the men’s team in a combined victory lap to celebrate both teams’ victories against their USC counterparts in the dual meet. Read more...

Photo: Tatum Souza had a strong day in the dual meet against USC, coming in first in the javelin throw.

Throwing the distance: Focus on training, technique leads to career success

There’s big, there’s huge and then there’s Wruck. Measuring 6 feet 6 inches and just a shade under 310 pounds, Julian Wruck is so much bigger than the rest of his competitors, standing out like a tank in a parking lot. Read more...

Photo: Between his analytical approach to technique and his dedication to training, redshirt junior discus thrower Julian Wruck’s record-shattering season is making waves in a sport often dominated by older athletes.

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