Sunday, May 24

Women’s volleyball senior aims to recapture freshman title experience

Zoë Nightingale was a natural behind the net. Throughout her fledgling volleyball career, her coaches never thought twice of putting her at any other position other than middle blocker. Read more...

Photo: Senior middle blocker Zoë Nightingale, the only remaining player on UCLA’s roster to start in the 2011 NCAA championship game win, will begin competing in her final NCAA Tournament on Friday. (Aubrey Yeo/Daily Bruin senior staff)

Bo Knows: Despite Stanford loss, UCLA football shows signs of promising future

I had this whole column thought out a week ago. UCLA was going to beat Stanford, reach the Pac-12 title game and have a legitimate shot at reaching the College Football Playoff. Read more...

Photo: After finishing 9-3 yet again, UCLA has not found the improvements on the field as it wants. However, the program as a whole has progressed, evidenced by the national hype the team received in the preseason and leading up to the last game against Stanford. (Austin Yu/Daily Bruin senior staff)

Brothers’ passion for freestyle football inspires, trascends norms

There’s white lab coats and long lab hours, then there’s freestyle football. Peter and Daniel Azzam are brothers pursuing their dreams in the medical field as fourth-year physical sciences and third-year neuroscience students, respectively. Read more...

Photo: Brothers Peter (right) and Daniel (left) Azzam both stopped playing soccer in high school to pursue the relatively unknown sport of freestyle football. They brought the sport to UCLA, starting the Bruin Freestyle Soccer Academy in the fall of 2013, hoping to expand their community. (Austin Yu/Daily Bruin senior staff)

Bo Knows: UCLA has proven itself the better LA team over last three seasons

Isn’t it kind of weird it’s gotten to the point that it would be both a shock and a disappointment if UCLA lost to USC Saturday? Read more...

Photo: UCLA and USC have a storied rivalry, but the Bruins have rarely been the team projected to win the seasonal matchup. The Trojans handed the Bruins a 50-0 defeat just three years ago in 2011, but ever since UCLA has been the dominant of the two and is favorited to win on Saturday.(Daily Bruin file photo)

Bo Knows: Despite Bruins’ miscues, this season is still salvageable

I had a bit of a weird feeling after the conclusion of UCLA’s 36-34 win over Cal Saturday, an uncertainty over how to feel about the game. Read more...

Photo: Although UCLA has had several nail-biting finishes in its five wins this season, a lot of why the scoreline was so close was because of mistakes the Bruins made rather than their opponents’ doing. (Austin Yu/Daily Bruin senior staff)

Bo Knows: UCLA football gains new top rival in ASU

TEMPE, Ariz. — What is a rivalry anyhow? For UCLA, that word often conjures up images of red and yellow. The UCLA-USC rivalry is a big one, without a doubt. Read more...

Photo: Daily Bruin Sports columnist Kevin Bowman argues that in recent years, the UCLA-ASU rivalry has taken over as the main football rivalry, given crosstown-rival USC’s recent slump in form. (Jose Ubeda/Daily Bruin staff)

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