Friday, February 21

UCLA gymnastics hope to find some much-needed consistency in home meet against North Carolina State

The last time the UCLA gymnastics team competed in Pauley Pavilion, their season was less than three days old and full of the hype that accompanies a preseason No. 1 team. Read more...


Monique De La Torre and the gymnastics team return to Pauley Pavilion after a long road stretch to compete against North Carolina State on Monday.

Correction: The original version of this photo misidentified sophomore gymnast Monique De La Torre as junior Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs.

UCLA gymnastics team balances the beam and the school books

As Brittani McCullough scheduled an appointment for the weekend, she added it to a long to-do list in her big college-ruled notebook. Read more...


Despite the rigors of gymnastics, redshirt senior Brittani McCullough hasn’t missed a beat academically. Currently a nursing major, McCullough is one of the 15 gymnasts who are on the Director’s Honor Roll.

Striking the balance

Imagine running, leaping, turning and flipping across a surface that is less than half a foot wide. But don't look down because the ground is four feet away. Read more...


Niki Tom, who started her collegiate gymnastics career as a walk-on, has become an integral part of the UCLA gymnastics team in her senior year, particularly because of her skills on the balance beam.

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