Thursday, April 9

Bruins Racing members discuss experiences, plans for future races

Dozens of students converge in a small workshop in Boelter Hall every day. It is constantly crowded, always smells of motor oil and produces several brand new cars each year. Read more...

Photo: Members of Bruin Racing regularly have to tear apart major mechanical components – like the motorcycle engine that powers the car – and rebuild them from the inside out. (Dayoung Lee/Daily Bruin)

Club softball discusses importance of teamwork, student leadership

Three years ago, there was no club softball team at UCLA. But a group of students took it upon themselves to restart and build up a program that disbanded years ago. Read more...

Photo: Junior right fielder Flo Lee was only a freshman when UCLA club softball restarted, but is now a co-president. Lee is a linchpin on and off the field for the Bruins, facilitating paperwork and bringing the team together for outings. (Owen Emerson/Daily Bruin senior staff)

Cycling team’s Eric Bryan continues to pursue biking dream in college

Mount Tamalpais, Marin County, Caifornia – a 2,572-foot peak often considered symbolic of Eric Bryan’s hometown. That’s where the vice president of the UCLA club cycling team found his passion for the sport, but it was years later and thousands of miles away where he experienced a biker’s dream. Read more...

Photo: Third-year biomedical engineering and economics student Eric Bryan, the vice president of the UCLA cycling club team, said he usually rides two to four hours each morning. (Hannah Ye/Daily Bruin senior staff)

UCLA’s own Golden Snitch

UCLA’s Quidditch team held open practice on Thursday, Sept. 29. A competitive game involving sticks between legs and dodge balls named bludgers, UCLA’s Quidditch matches would not be Quidditch without the Golden Snitch. Read more...

Photo: (Justine Sto. Tomas and Bryan Firks/Daily Bruin senior staff)

Women’s lacrosse captain finds voice by stepping into leadership role

Sam Fletcher: the quintessential team captain. The senior midfielder from Virginia finished her final season on the turf for UCLA and prepares to, temporarily, hang up her cleats. Read more...

Photo: Senior midfielder Sam Fletcher has won numerous individual awards both locally and across the country. But Fletcher’s biggest accomplishment in lacrosse might be changing the UCLA women’s team from a solid program to a national championship contender. (Owen Emerson/Daily Bruin senior staff)

UCLA student initiative Rockin’ Autism combines sport with therapy

Head tilted back, arms crossed, gazing up at the wall, Justin Saco encouraged Marco Zepeda, 13, to keep climbing. Nervous of the height and unsure of what to do next, Marco asked to come down, but Saco wasn’t ready to let him give up. Read more...

Photo: Justin Saco (right), a fourth-year microbiology, immunology and molecular genetics student, and Matthew Wai, a fourth-year physiological science student, created Rockin’ Autism, a program meant to teach children with autism rock climbing, in the hope that the kids on the autism spectrum develop social and motor skills. (Conor Cusack/Daily Bruin)

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