Sunday, January 19

Throwback Thursday: Upcoming building of residence hall echoes De Neve’s construction 20 years ago

UCLA’s infamous nickname “Under Construction Like Always” remains apropos as the university embarks on yet another project – the Lot 15 Residence Hall. The Lot 15 Residence Hall complex will be situated in the northwest zone of campus and will be comprised of a residence hall and student commons, as well as a storage space for housing maintenance. Read more...

Photo: (Daily Bruin Archive)

Throwback Thursday: Environmental scientist voices major concerns about carbon emission in 1989

By the mid-1980s, the general scientific and political consensus on climate change was that it is in fact, a major problem. While our wealth of knowledge has grown significantly since the Daily Bruin ran an article back in 1989 outlining a study made public in January of that year, exploring the basic biological and economic concerns surrounding global warming. Read more...

Photo: (Daily Bruin Archive)

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