Sunday, May 24

Throwback Thursday, Week 5: The decline of campus festivals

Though you’re more likely to associate Mardi Gras with beads and booze than the Lenten tradition, UCLA’s history of celebrating the occasion involved neither. For decades, Bruins organized an annual Mardi Gras event to raise money for UniCamp, a summer camp for underprivileged kids, and the Recreational Association. Read more...

Photo: Mardi Gras was once a popular campus event before students gradually lost interest. (Daily Bruin archives)

Throwback Thursday, Week 3: End of an era

I don’t need to tell you that living off campus, especially in North Village, is not the same as living on the Hill. My roommates (there are far too many) and I commiserate over high rent, a too-happy building manager and instant ramen-heavy, nutrient-low diets. Read more...

Photo: Did UCLA students actually invent Uber? (Daily Bruin archives)