Thursday, February 20

The Quad: What it’s like adapting to UCLA’s culture as an international student

Faces can quickly become blurs in the midst of UCLA’s hustle and bustle. For the first-year international Bruin, this large setting can be especially daunting. First-year international students, who made up approximately 10 percent of the students that enrolled as freshmen in the fall of 2017, begin a monumental social and cultural transition as soon as they settle into a completely different part of the world. Read more...

Photo: (Michelle Fu/Daily Bruin)

The Quad: Anti-Semitic acts show resiliency of Jewish community, call for greater change

Last month’s attack on the Jewish community in Pittsburgh might be the pinnacle of anti-Semitism in the United States, but it certainly isn’t the only one etched into the narrative of this religious minority. Read more...

Photo: The shooting that took place at Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh is not just an isolated instance of anti-Semitism – the Daily Bruin’s Sammi Dorfan explores the recent history of anti-Semtism in the Quad’s latest piece. (Andy Bao/Daily Bruin)

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