Saturday, January 25

The Quad: How to use your body language to your advantage in bonding with others

It’s that time of year which simultaneously harbors the most socially active and socially awkward moments for UCLA students: zero week. Whether you’re an incoming freshman, returning student or a new transfer, the start of the school year marks a season of meeting new people or catching up with those you haven’t seen since the end of spring quarter’s brutal finals week. Read more...

Photo: (Clara Vamvulescu/Daily Bruin)

The Quad: 626 Night Market grows to provide summertime immersion in Asian American culture

The sun set and the breeze made its way through the night market, carrying with it sweet and savory scents as conversations with friends bloom over shared plates of take-out food. Read more...

Photo: The 626 Night Market, with events in Los Angeles and Orange County, is the biggest Asian-themed night market in the United States. The market was established in 2012, named after the San Gabriel Valley’s area code region. (Photo by Niveda Tennety/Assistant Photo editor, Photo illustration by Andrea Grigsby/Illustrations Director)

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