Thursday, April 9

The Quad: “Stories of Almost Everyone” exhibit allows art to stand on its own

The Hammer Museum’s advertising copy says its new exhibition “Stories of Almost Everyone” is an attempt to be “skeptical of the conditions of museological mediation and art’s promise to convey meaning.” What this means is that in curating exhibits, displaying them and writing up descriptions of artworks, museums take away from the inherent meaning or narrative of the original art object itself. Read more...

Photo: “Stories Of Almost Everyone” is on display at the Hammer Museum until May 6. (Lionel Deatherage/Daily Bruin)

The Quad: ‘Radical Women’ exhibit sends strong messages on power of women of color

Perhaps it is impossible to teach somebody how to care for and accept others, or to see past gender or skin color. But the Hammer Museum’s latest exhibit tries to pierce through the intolerance permeating our society. Read more...

Photo: “Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960-1985” is open at the Hammer until Dec. 31. (Lionel Deatherage/Daily Bruin)

The Quad: JazzReggae Festival organizers discuss focus on community

This Memorial Day weekend, about 1,800 people will be making their way to Sunset Recreation Center to attend the 31st Annual JazzReggae Festival, and unlike a lot of other UCLA student-run events, more than 50 percent of these attendees will be coming from the greater Los Angeles community – a fact that the organizers of this event are exceedingly proud of. Read more...

Photo: For the past two years, JazzReggae Festival organizers have tried to return to the roots of the original festival. (Daily Bruin file photo)