Thursday, February 20

The Quad: College ranking systems, categorized and (somewhat) demystified

Fall is here, so that means it’s time for a deluge of college rankings to drop like the leaves never do in southern California. The most recent update to our oversaturated college rankings landscape is the 2018 iteration of U.S. Read more...

Photo: More than 15 publications and organizations attempt to evaluate colleges and universities in the United States and around the world. UCLA is ranked anywhere between first and 48th. (Arthur Wang/Daily Bruin senior staff)

Lost in Boelter: Speaking the pseudo-language

One of the lesser–known skills computer science students pick up in college is the ability to create pseudo-languages. I’m not talking about coding languages, but systems of interpretation, where certain words and phrases map to particular meanings. Read more...

Photo: Pseudo-languages reveal the artistry of computer science. (Internet Archive images via Flickr)

Lost in Boelter: Code-switchable

One doesn’t usually associate staring at a computer screen with self-reflection – except for, of course, when you’re staring at a glossy screen. Surprisingly, I’ve recently noticed myself doing a great deal of both throughout my experience with computer science. Read more...

Photo: Those who lack creativity in computer science are in for a hard landing. (Creative Commons photo by HackNY via Flickr)