Saturday, March 28

The Quad: Pump it up at Powell with our student-generated finals week playlist

According to Business Insider, the most effective music to listen to while studying lacks lyrics, features sounds of nature or has a specific tempo. In general, music is a great way to get through repetitive and mindless tasks, like completing a problem set you already know how to do or memorizing important dates. Read more...

Photo: (Mariam Arutyunyan and Nicole Anisgard Parra/Daily Bruin)

The Quad: What is the key to success? For some, it’s the embrace of failure.

Failure is a word that is as vague as it is terrifying. According to an article in Psychology Today, the fear of failure is defined as “the emotional, cognitive and behavioral reaction to the negative consequences you anticipate for failing to achieve a goal.” The article also lists several reasons for why we fear failure. Read more...

Photo: (Claire Sun/Daily Bruin)

The Quad: A look into how UCLA’s admit rates have changed in light of increasing applicants

UCLA’s acceptance rate has dropped 4.4 percent over the past five years. UCLA had yet another record-breaking number of applicants in fall 2018. Though new admits’ excitement has surely turned into midterm stress by now, the admissions process for fall 2018 proved to be one of the most competitive cycles in the University of California’s history. Read more...

Photo: (Michelle Lu/Daily Bruin contributor)