Wednesday, January 22

Student volunteers should pursue interests, not material incentives

Somewhere between my sophomore year of high school and my third year of college, I have successfully transformed myself on paper. Read more...

Photo: University High School was one of a number of locations where students were bused for Volunteer Day on Sept. 22, 2009. Nearly 500 students worked at University High School, where they participated in projects such as building benches.

Stop the smear tactics

Watching the latest gubernatorial ad campaigns reminds me of "The Simpsons" episode in which Bart joins a boy band whose songs repeat subliminal messages. The similarity between the episode and the ads isn't so much how the candidates for governor resemble the show's characters (although Steve Poizner does look somewhat like Milhouse). It's more that the lesson the episode teaches (and with "The Simpsons" there's always something educational) can be applied to the tactics of the ad campaigns currently running. Read more...

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