Friday, May 29

Jerry Zhao: Social stigma masks challenges of minority

The original version of this article contained information that was unclear and has been changed. See the bottom of the article for additional information. In our nation’s discourse on the issue of immigration and individuals living in the country illegally, we seem to forget the idea of the American “melting pot” that we learned so often in elementary school. Read more...

Photo: Students hold signs during the fourth annual Immigrant Awareness Week, held in early March. The event, hosted by the Undergraduate Students Association Council external vice president’s office and the student organization Improving Dreams, Equality, Access and Success at UCLA.

Kunal Patel: OSD note-taking program may suffer from payment change

In a policy change across all 10 University of California campuses, the Office for Students with Disabilities has changed its compensation policies for student note-takers. These students, who are tasked with jotting careful notes during lectures and discussion sections, will no longer be offered monetary compensation for their work, but will instead receive other non-monetary rewards, including brand-name gift cards and digital note-taking equipment. Read more...

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