Tuesday, January 28

Op-ed: UCLA could have done more to protect student, staff safety during Getty fire

I am a graduate student who was concerned with the messaging regarding the recent fires that was sent to students and staff this past week. While I appreciated the live updates regarding the statuses of the fires as well as the traffic and air quality on and surrounding campus, it was alarming to me that the approach to these updates seemed to be day-by-day as opposed to holistic. Read more...

Photo: The handling of communications about the Getty fire from the chancellor’s office was disingenuous and disregarding of student and employee safety. News reports and climate forecasts told a different story from the updates that came from the chancellor’s office.(Tanmay Shankar/Assistant Photo editor)

Op-ed: Resources for formerly incarcerated students should be more readily available

Let’s talk about marginalized, stigmatized and oppressed communities. Just a guess, but previously incarcerated students at UCLA probably didn’t come to mind. These students comprise a community that continuously faces obstacles when attending and pursuing higher education at an institution like ours. Read more...

Photo: Formerly incarcerated students at UCLA aren’t given a fair chance, with a lack of resources preventing a smooth transition into the college life. An orientation program hosted by the Underground Scholars Initiative can kickstart them on a better path. (Daily Bruin file photo)