Sunday, April 5

Los Angeles Women’s March draws thousands together in support of women’s rights

For the fourth time, thousands of Angelenos marched through Downtown on Saturday to show their support for women’s rights. In addition to the usual signs, ranging from jokes to swears to female empowerment slogans, the favored promotional materials of many marchers touted their 2020 Democratic presidential picks. Read more...

Photo: Signs with jokes, swears, female empowerment slogans and more floated above the heads of about 30,000 people who attended the fourth annual Women’s March in Downtown Los Angeles. (Christine Kao/Daily Bruin)

LA City Council study may bring establishment of minimum wage for ride-hail drivers

This post was updated Jan. 10 at 11:35 a.m. A recent action by the Los Angeles City Council may lead to a minimum wage for ride-hail drivers and potentially increased prices for consumers in the city. Read more...

Photo: Ride-hail drivers may receive a minimum wage in Los Angeles if the city council decides to enact a law after studying the subject. The move could create a minimum wage for drivers and potentially increase prices for users. (Daily Bruin file photo)

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